People are craving this Valentine’s Day gift more than anything else

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day / Chesnot/GettyImages

Whether that relationship is in a new stage or has stood the test of time, this Valentine’s Day gift captures that loving sentiment. Ready to make the heart go aflutter with the sweetest gift?  

The quest to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for that special someone can feel overwhelming. Although some people might have planned the perfect night out months ago or have a present carefully wrapped tucked away in that secret hiding spot, some people are still searching for a way to express that love and devotion.  

According to John Downs, NCA President and CEO, "Valentine's Day is an opportunity for people across the country to make simple yet meaningful gestures by sharing chocolate and candy. People see these treats as tokens of love and happiness, and gifting chocolate and candy is a sentimental tradition that brings a unique sweetness to this season. " 

What are some sweet Valentine’s Day gifts that everyone will want?  

Since it appears that people want chocolate and candy for Valentine’s Day, it might be time to give them what they are craving. While no one would ever be sorry to see a bowl full of Reese’s peanut butter hearts or a bowl full of the new Snoopy themed Hershey's Kisses, there are plenty of sweet treats waiting to be enjoyed.  Even the heart shape can guide the choices wrapped up on that pretty ribbon.  

For a classic option, Fannie May chocolates are always a great choice. Whether people prefer the iconic Chocolate Pixies or crave a Dark Chocolate Truffles box, the options from the iconic chocolate brand are many.  

While the Fannie May brand started over 100 years ago in Chicago, those red hearts filled with chocolate, truffles, and more can be found across the country. From the mint meltaways from the newer creations, one aspect unites them all, the candy brings sweetness to make every moment special.  

Although chocolate might make that special someone melt, other sweet candies can be a favorite with that special someone. For example, Dylan’s Candy Bar allows guests to create that perfect bucket filled with favorite candies. Vibrant colors and flavors come together for the perfect gift.  

Other favorite candies are in full bloom for Valentine’s Day. From DOVE Promises Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Swirl to M&M’S Milk Chocolate & Peanut Cupid Blends, there are plenty of options that can keep the love affair sweet.  

No matter what gift is placed on the table, just make sure there is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Nothing is worse than forgetting to mark the occasion with a gesture for that special someone.