Spice up date night with some sweet and heat flavors

Wingstop chicken wing combo meal
Wingstop chicken wing combo meal / Wingstop

While a first date might have people talking for hours, other couples might need a little push to get the conversation flowing. To spice up date night, it is time to ask some sweet and heat questions. Hopefully, no one will feel the burn the morning after.  

Recently, Wingstop shared a package of date night questions that can have couples learning a little more about themselves. From wing flavor preferences to a few silly ideas, each card gives a little more insight about the person, how they approach certain topics, and maybe their preferred side dish to enjoy with a plate of wings.  

Although people feel differentially about their concept of sweet and heat questions, the reality is that spicing up date night does not have to come with a pricey tab at the end of the evening. Sometimes chicken wings, a cold beverage, and some good conversation is all that is needed.  

Since a few of these Wingstop date night questions involve chicken wing eating preferences, the restaurant company has plenty of options to ensure that all the bases are covered. Hopefully, whoever orders knows the preference of bone-in or boneless wings, the flavor options are many.  

People can never go wrong with a trio of Hickory Smoked BBQ, Original Hot, and Lemon Pepper, it might be exciting to add some bolder choices to the mix. Spicy Korean Q or even Cajun might be a nice choice. Basically, it can be fun to add an old favorite with something different. Maybe that will be the first barb of the night.  

As another card is pulled from the sweet and heat deck, people face telling questions like “If you could create your own wing flavor using a combination of any 2 ingredients what would you use?” or “Would you eat wings in bed?” Each one seems to dig a little deeper than the 2023 Spotify Wrap list.  

It is time to bring a little fun, laughter, and maybe messiness to date night. Wingstop has a food option for any and every occasion. And, the Sweet and Heat questions might just be the starting point to a relationship that is always full of flavor.