David Ortiz takes a side on the iconic Miller Lite Great Taste debate, interview

Miller Lite Great Taste, Less Filling campaign
Miller Lite Great Taste, Less Filling campaign / Miller Lite

Although baseball legend David Ortiz might not be swinging his bat on the baseball diamond, the MLB Hall of Fame player is coming out of retirement to take a crack at a classic beverage debate. Joining other sports legends, Ortiz chooses his side on the Great Taste, Less Filling Miller Lite debate. In the end, everyone is a winner.

Even though it seems like yesterday, the classic Miller Lite Great Taste Less Filling commercials date back to 1975. Some of the infamous faces on the original campaign might not be here anymore. But, that sentiment about a great beer which has a delicious flavor yet does not feel heavy holds true after all these years.

Bringing their own taste of nostalgia, Miller Lite has joined with sports legends, David Ortiz, J.J. Watt, Reggie Miller, Jorge Posada, and Mia Hamm, as well as actor Luke Wilson, to bring a touch of “Destiny” to its new campaign. Check out the new advertisement.

Speaking to the Great Taste, Less Filling Miller Lite promotion, Ann Legan, vice president of marketing for Miller Family at Molson Coors said, “Miller Lite launched the Light beer category with this iconic debate that has remained unanswered, and we want to continue the conversation for years to come.” The debate might never have a clear cut winner, but David Ortiz has chosen his side.

Ortiz is featured in the Spanish language ad, “Ritual.” This humorous take by the two baseball legends is fun, even for those who cannot translate “grand sabor.”

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, David Ortiz shared his thoughts on being part of the Miller Lite campaign. He said that he really liked the idea. Specifically, he mentioned, “I am all about taste, the good taste of things. I think that Miller Lite tastes awesome.”

Ortiz believes that the campaign is a way to connect with people. He said, “these commercials are going to bring some people back to the original ones. And, we are going to call attention to the new generation.”

Having everyone come together for Miller Time is a key to the concept and it is seen with all the athletes coming together for the campaign. Even though it was all in good fun, the competitive side never seems to go away, even for these retirees.

As Ortiz commented about the competitive nature, he said, “I think that you are born with it and you are going to die with it. Even though I’m retired, I want to be the best at everything that I do. Everything is a competition and I’m pretty sure that it never goes away.”

While there might be a competition over tasting great or less filling, the real winner is the Miller Lite beer drinker. Whether that beer is enjoyed at a tailgate, backyard barbecue, or however people please, the clean, crisp light lager satisfies.

Ortiz recalled one of the first times that he enjoyed Miller Lite. When he first started playing baseball in Wisconsin, he attended a Green Bay Packers tailgate. During the event, a guy name “Miller” gave him his first Miller Lite. He enjoyed the taste and feels the same way today.

While he might not be playing anymore, Ortiz wants to inspire the next generation of baseball players. Recently, he was part of the MLB hosting a game in the Dominincan Republic. That homecoming was very special for him.

In addition, during his Hall of Fame speech, he mentioned how when someone believes in you, people can change the world. When asked about that ideal and what it means to him, he spoke poignantly about the dedication and sacrifice that is required to be a professional athlete.

Ortiz believes that playing baseball as a profession is very individual and requires putting all the pieces together. Hitting a 100 mile an hour fast ball requires something special. While there is much training to perfect that swing, it is more than just the effort. Ortiz believe that the small percentage of people who have that talent are born with it. When they have someone who can help nurture and grow that talent, they can achieve great success.

In the end, the Miller Lite debate over Great Taste, Less Filling does not have to come down to choosing one side over another. The reality is that opening a beer, enjoying some Miller Time with friends, and making memories is a situation that has everyone on the same side.