Miller Lite celebrates a groovier Miller Time with the Miller Timeshare

Miller Lite's 70s oasis, photo provided by Miller Lite
Miller Lite's 70s oasis, photo provided by Miller Lite /

At the Miller Timeshare, Miller Lite gives Miller Time a groovy makeover.

Did you know that Miller Lite is 45 years old? While the brand has celebrated many a Miller Time over its existence, those good times with good friends need to be celebrated even more. Maybe, if everyone went back to a little simpler time, life might seem groovier? It could be time to book a room at the Miller Timeshare.

The Miller Timeshare is a way for people to head back to a groovy escape, Miller Time 1975. This lake house has been transformed into a 70s pad complete with all the décor. From the bomb avocado-colored kitchen to some epic shag carpet, it feels that you might have stepped into a set from that 70s Show.

The property is available to book exclusively on For just $96 a night, good times and good friends can enjoy a getaway to Mona Lake, Michigan.

According to Courtney Dugan, director of activation for Miller Lite, “End of summer travel looks a little different this year. But it’s still time for Miller Time, so Miller Lite created the Miller Timeshare, a groovy space for a small group to get together, put on a record, crack open some beers, and escape 2020 for a couple days.”

Miller Time
Miller Lite’s 70s oasis, photo provided by Miller Lite /

While summer 2020 travel was different (or in some cases missing), road trips offered that change of scenery. Whether it was a quick trip to a lake or a little farther the road, people want that change of scenery. This Miller Timeshare is a way for people to get the end of summer escape, yet still feel comfortable about their travel choices.

If you want a chance to book this Miller Timeshare, head to on September 4 at 9 a.m. CST. The timeshare can be booked from September 10 through September 30. There is a maximum of three nights and it has an occupancy of eight people. All guests must be 21 or older.

Isn’t it time that everyone gets their groove back? Whether you put on your best bell bottoms, polyester shirt or just want to pop open a can of Miller Lite, everyone deserves some Miller Time. Maybe if the rewind button is pushed back to 1975 we can set 2020 on a better path.

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What do you think of this Miller Timeshare? Would you like to this lake house?