David and Victoria Beckham honestly tease their Uber Eats Super Bowl ad

A-list couple David and Victoria Beckham are bringing back their brand of honesty with a tease for the upcoming Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII ad. What other superstars could jump on this “be honest” bandwagon and order Uber Eats in the commercial?
Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial with David and Victoria Beckham
Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial with David and Victoria Beckham / Uber Eats

Super Bowl commercials often feature well-known faces and brands hope that those celebrities will get people to stop and watch. In a recently released Uber Eats Super Bowl ad tease, David and Victoria Beckham join the conversation. What other celebrities will join that food and beverages group order for the big game?  

Over the years, Uber Eats has used the Super Bowl to highlight not only the useful service that the company offers but also to bring big celebrities into the conversation. Last year’s commercial focused on finding the hit track where one note of that song would remind people to place an order. Previous years saw celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Trevor Noah, and Jennifer Coolidge realize that Uber Eats delivers more than just food.  

In this recently released teaser, Uber Eats plays off the infamous “be honest” moment from the BECKHAM Netflix documentary. Check out the banter between David and Victoria Beckham.  

Although the couple might get the sport incorrect, mistake the proper name for the game, and otherwise have some confusion, they seem to be in on the joke. Sometimes the most humorous and relatable moments are ones where people do not take themselves seriously. It might not be a celebrity like us moment, but many people might be able to see themselves in that couple banter.  

Since this clip is just a tease for the Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial, the Beckhams mention another celebrity friend would be joining them. Although Jessica Anniston may not have enjoyed a coffee at Central Perk, another Anniston might bring her favorite order to the commercial. How she might join the commercial remains to be seen.  

As for the third celebrity in the Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial, everyone might have to wait till the game on February 11. Until then, let the predictions go wild.  

Since no one wants to miss a moment during the big game, Uber Eats can ensure that all the food and beverages are covered. From chicken wings and pizza to beverages and even some extra napkins, Uber Eats can make quick work of anything needed.  

Place a food order, find a spot to sit, and enjoy all the excitement. After all, be honest, no one wants to miss out on all the fun.