Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial asks an unlikely delivery question

Uber Don't Eats promo, photo provided by Uber
Uber Don't Eats promo, photo provided by Uber /

Recently, a teaser for the upcoming Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial was revealed and many people might have done a double take. In addition to those famous faces, there was a bigger question buried in the bottom of that delivery bag. The answer might be surprising.

Over the years, Uber has become more than a convenient method to get from place to place. As Uber Eats made food delivery more robust, the brand understood that food is just one piece of that delivery pie.

Recent additions of being able to stack stops and schedule deliveries has made Uber Eats even more convenient for users. But, food isn’t the only thing in that delivery bag. Did you know that other items can be purchased and delivered through the platform, too?

That concept is played out in a humorous way in the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. From a nod to that infamous Gwyneth Paltrow candle to Trevor Noah having a “refreshing” bite, the idea of “Uber Don’t Eats” is both funny and a little cringy.

Check out Jennifer Coolidge in this Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial clip.

While there might be some tasty lip gloss out there, many people might ponder what purple tastes like, similar to the always baffling food question, is there truly a blue food. Although this commercial is all in good fun, let’s hope that the lawyers don’t have to put new warning labels on candles, deodorant and lipstick that say do not eat.

At the same time, the Uber Eats Super Bowl Commercial stands as a great reminder that there can be more in that delivery order. With the big game coming up, why not make sure there are some extra napkins, plates or cups with that order of chicken wings, pizza or burgers. No one wants to leave the couch and miss all the action.

And, even if that delivery comes in just one bag, remember to be thoughtful with those purchases. Just like the coffee cup comes with a warning that contents inside may be hot, not everything is edible. A good laugh is appreciated, but a little common sense is always advised.

What do you think of the Uber Don’t Eats commercial? Did it make you do a double take?