Desus Nice is going all in for Tums Props Bites during the Big Game, interview

Desus Nice for Tums Prop Bites during the Big Game
Desus Nice for Tums Prop Bites during the Big Game / Tums

While Las Vegas will be bustling with action both on and off the gridiron during the Big Game, all those highs, lows, and in between moments can have people’s nerves on edge. For Desus Nice, he is ready to roll the dice on the bet that everyone is hungry to win. Ready to place some Tums Prop Bites?  

When the NFL season comes to an end, many people gather on that Sunday afternoon not just to watch the slant passes and sacks. Whether the commercials get laughs and halftime show has people singing along, food is the unifying element.  

Since food gets people talking even during the most nail-biting moments during the game, Tums is ready to put odds on the chicken wings, pizza, and best dip of the day. The Tums Prop Bites, in collaboration with Draft Kings, could be a big windfall beyond the amount of calories consumed in a single sitting.  

As Jissan Cherian, Senior Director, Digestive Health at Tums said, “We as a brand understand and appreciate the importance that people place around game day food. With Tums Prop Bites, we're able to celebrate the love for food alongside football, while reminding fans that Tums fast heartburn relief allows them to enjoy their Big Game spreads without the risk of heartburn.”  

Desus Nice is ready to place his odds on Tums Prop Bites. 

As part of the Tums Prop Bites, Desus Nice graciously spoke to FoodSided. Although his preferred team, the New York Giants might not be in the running for the Lombardi Trophy this year, he is excited up the Big Game set to hit Las Vegas this February. Like many people, he appreciates that the food can make the whole event more enjoyable.  

Speaking to the Tums Prop Bites, Desus said, “it is a fun side thing because not everyone is going to care about the game, especially if your team is not in it. But, everyone is going to eat food.”  

The Tums and Draft Kings program is going to focus on the fun part of that Sunday event. Whether people eat more drums than flats chicken wings or prefer guacamole to salsa, the food debates can fuel many bets. It might not necessarily be who is the special guest during the halftime show, but it is the conversation that is much tastier.  

While some people might have a signature dish or even a themed food on the menu, Desus has some special items that will be on his menu. He shared, “I prefer to serve the food that I prefer to eat. I’m not going over the top, but I really love some deviled eggs. Yes, I’m pushing the deviled eggs agenda for 2024 because I do not think that they get the props that they deserve. It is a good staple and everyone can eat them.”  

Also, he mentioned, “I’m really good at turkey chili. The thing about chili at a big game part is that you can have it on a warmer or a Sterno. You cannot go wrong with some chili.”  

While everyone might enjoy a big bowl of chili, there is one element can be a little cumbersome with the flavorful food, spilling. Although spilling can be a party foul, spilling on that favorite jersey is even more difficult. When asked what he would do, Desus said the following,  

“You are talking to someone who has an A-Rod jersey and it has mustard stains all over it. That jersey will never, ever go into the washing machine because I had that jersey when the Yankees won in ‘09. I know that was a long time ago, but I still need that luck. The stains just add to the charisma of whatever you're wearing.”  

Although there might not be a Tums Prop Bites bet on the most popular jersey, it does go to show how food, football, and fun go hand in hand. For this season, the NFL games are more than just Xs and Os, strategies, and percentages. It has become a pop culture moment.  

With the influx of new football fans, the conversation changes. As Desus commented, “Taylor Swift brought a lot of female viewers to the NFL and these people know their stats, have done their research, they know their numbers. This year is going to be different. Hopefully, there will be some depth to those commercials.” 

Whether people sit glued to the screen, gather around the food spread, or just have conversations on the couch, the reality is that the Big Game causes people to gather. Join the fun with the Tums Prop Bites. Will there be a winning wager? Only time will tell.  

The Tums and Draft Kings free to play site can be found at Winners could win a part of the $10,000 prize pool.