Dew Nation runs to 7-Eleven for two new exclusive summer beverages

MTN DEW Infinite Swirl exclusively at 7-Eleven
MTN DEW Infinite Swirl exclusively at 7-Eleven / 7-Eleven

From the scorching heat to a way to break up the monotony, 7-Eleven is laying out the red carpet for the Dew Nation. With two new MTN DEW beverages available at world's largest convenience retailer, everyone is grateful for flavorful refreshment this summer.

In a recent announcement, 7-Eleven revealed that two, limited time, exclusive beverages would be available this summer. The two beverages are MTN DEW Infinite Swirl and MTN DEW Freedom Fusion Slurpee Drink.

Speaking about the special MTN DEW offerings, said Dennis Phelps, Senior Vice President of Merchandising (Vault & Proprietary Beverages) at 7-Eleven, Inc said, “7-Eleven and MTN DEW both share a passion for innovation and this summer we're giving fans not one – but TWO bold new flavors to add to their roster of favorite drinks. These are a perfect summer addition to our beverage vault and Slurpee machine and we can't wait for fans to give them a try."

The new Slurpee offering is another example how 7-Eleven takes a beverage trend and makes it their own. The MTN DEW Freedom Fusion is one of the new flavors from MTN DEW. While that beverage is described as a peach lemonade flavor, it is more peach forward that tart pucker.

MTN DEW Freedom Fusion Slurpee
MTN DEW Freedom Fusion Slurpee / 7-Eleven

Thinking about this idea for a Slurpee, peach has not necessarily been a featured flavor. Even though those peach ring candies are a 7-Eleven favorite, peach in a Slurpee needs to hit that sweet and juicy balance. Given that the lemonade is an underlying flavor, it should make this beverage quite refreshing on a warm day.

The other exclusive beverage, MTN DEW Infinite Swirl makes a statement on the shelf because of its striking blue color. While that visual might infer a particular flavor, the beverage is a tropical punch.

Pineapple and berry are the primary flavors. As the label suggests, this pineapple twist is ready to make a big impression.

The new Slurpee flavor will be available starting on June 26 and the Infinite Swirl is available now. The two flavors will be available until the end of the year. Check with stores for availability and pricing.