MTN DEW transforms summer’s patriotic colors into flavorful beverages

MTN DEW Red, White and Blue summer beverages
MTN DEW Red, White and Blue summer beverages / MTN DEW

As the fireworks go boom and the nighttime sky fills with a colorful display, MTN DEW is bringing another Red, White and Blue celebration to the summer fun. These three new beverages are the flavor celebration that will have people filling the cooler with patriotic inspired bottles.

Over the years, MTN DEW has used its summer beverages to celebrate the various states, summer holidays, and other fun seasonal celebrations. Even though the Frost Bite beverage might have had some people uncertain about entering those waters, the limited time offerings often have people running to get that first sip.

To kick off the summer, the popular beverage brand released MTN DEW Red, White, and Blue, a trio of beverages that are not only colorful but also bring a taste of favorite summer flavors. The three beverages are MTN DEW Star Spangled Splash, MTN DEW Freedom Fusion, and MTN DEW Liberty Chill. Whether drinkers pick by color, name, or flavor, these special offerings will stand out in that beverage cooler.

The MTN DEW Freedom Fusion is definitely the flavor find. Even though the color is frosty white, the taste is bursting with juiciness. Channeling a favorite stone fruit, this drink combines lemonade with white peach. It should offer a sweet, tart sip that will satisfy on a hot day. This beverage would be perfect with some BBQ ribs or even a juicy burger.

The MTN DEW Star Spangled Splash might be a favorite with Code Red fans. The combination of berry flavors brings the sweetness, but it pairs well with the underlying citrus notes in a MTN DEW. Consider pairing serving this beverage with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It might not be berry cobbler, but it is a new take for MTN DEW.

Lastly, the MTN DEW Liberty Chill might seem a little familiar to DEW Nation. There have been other beverages that consist of 50 flavors blended together. While the drink is berry forward, it might be more about the color than the flavor. For the younger generation, the bright blue will capture their attention.

MTN DEW Cooler Quest
MTN DEW Cooler Quest / MTN DEW

To launch the summer beverages, the beverage brand is hosting a MTN DEW cooler quest. As JP Bittencourt, Vice President of Marketing at MTN DEW said, “There are two things our MTN DEW fans look forward to every summer – new limited-edition flavors and a chance to spend more time outdoors. This year, we decided to give our fans what they want by merging these two passions with this latest MTN DEW offering that’s bound to fuel their outdoor adventures.”

While the Cooler Quest might not be as tasking as previous summer promotions, many people will want to join in the fun. The event starts on June 20 and more information can be found at

The MTN DEW Red, White, and Blue beverages can be found at various retailers for a limited time. Check with stores for pricing and availability.