MTN DEW Frost Bite Zero Sugar comes exclusively to Walmart

New MTN DEW partnership, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW partnership, photo provided by MTN DEW /

It’s time to dive into a new beverage and MTN DEW Frost Bite Zero Sugar is ready to satisfy that thirst. When first released, Frost Bite was the vibrantly colored beverage that had everyone chomping with excitement. With this new zero sugar option, there is a special reason to head to Walmart.

Beginning in March 22, MTN Dew Frost Bite Zero Sugar will hit Walmart stores exclusively. According to representatives, the new beverage will be available in “20 oz. bottles, 12 oz. 12-pack cans, and a variety of multi-pack sizes..”

If you don’t remember MTN DEW Frost Bite, the flavor is melon forward. Although the bright blue color reflects the chilly sip, the flavor refreshment is a tad sweet yet almost juicy. Many people circled the waters to enjoy this beverage again and again.

The addition of this Zero Sugar beverage continues a trend for MTN DEW. While many people are familiar the MTN DEW Zero Sugar, adding more options ensures that the Dew Nation can enjoy all the flavors in the line.

With the successful launch of the MTN DEW Major Melon earlier this year, it shows that the popular beverage brand is always looking to innovate. Bold flavors are just one aspect. In some ways, this beverage brand encourages a sense of adventure in every sip.

While many people will be excited to twist open a bottle, the exclusivity aspect adds an interesting element. Periodically, MTN DEW offers exclusives which drive consumers to seek out the beverage even more. In some ways, that beverage makes people part of the “group” and are willing to make that special trip.

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Many people will be counting down the days till MTN DEW Frost Bite Zero Sugar arrives at Walmart on March 22. Are you prepared for that first chilly sip?