Doritos Baja Fiery Mango brings a wave of tangy, spicy snacking

Doritos Baja Fiery Mango
Doritos Baja Fiery Mango / Doritos

The combination of Doritos and Baja Blast has always been a favorite food and beverage pairing. Opening a new chapter in the BAJAVERSARY, the new Doritos Baja Fiery Mango crashes onto store shelves. This new, innovative flavor will hang with the best snack offerings.

Limited time food collaborations get people excited for that first taste. While sometimes the flavor can be a touch unexpected, the reality is that people are willing to take a risk on a new product when there is a connection to the familiar. For example, if someone is always thirsty for that Baja Blast, they are willing to try a chip, candy, or even chicken wing that incorporates that taste.

The new Doritos Baja Fiery Mango is set to hit store shelves for a limited time. The flavor is described as spicy and tangy. While some people might never stray from that Cool Ranch or prefer the classic Nacho taste, the combination of a citrus, tropical fruit with a kick of spice will have many people purchasing an extra bag.

Some people might see this special offering as a nod to a mangonada or a combination of mango and Tajin or other spice. That pairing is a classic in Mexican cuisine and it has been reinterpreted in many ways in other food and beverage offerings.

Bringing that flavor combination to the Doritos space is smart for the food and beverage brands. A kick of heat with a citrus note, other than lime, fills a void. For anyone who enjoys a walking taco, this limited edition flavor might be the perfect chip.

More importantly, it brings the uber loyal Mountain Dew Baja Blast fan to the snack aisle. Given the extreme loyalty and passion that this group has, it makes sense that they will buy many bags just to be part of the experience. Similar to how many people cannot get enough of the various Mountain Dew Baja Blast flavors, they will want to see this flavor interpretation in the snack space.

How people will react to this new offering remains to be seen. Whether or not they eat the Doritos on their own, create some epic meal, or turn the chip pieces into a dust to rim their Baja Blast glass, the options are plentiful. The only down side is that the Doritos flavor is only available for a limited time.

The new Doritos Baja Fiery Mango will be available on April 14 in select retailers starting April 14. A larger, nationwide rollout begins on April 28. It is unclear how long the specialty food offering will be available.