MTN DEW Baja Blast turns 20 and the celebration will be epic

MTN DEW Baja Blast celebrates its 20th Bajaversary
MTN DEW Baja Blast celebrates its 20th Bajaversary / MTN DEW

The Dew Nation is a loyal group and its affection for the iconic tropical lime citrus beverage never waivers. With MTN DEW Baja Blast turning 20 in 2024, fans are getting what they have always wanted, full year of Baja Blast on store shelves. And, more celebrations are part of the Bajaversary.  

According to the beverage brand, MTN DEW Baja Blast will be available in cans and bottles all year long in 2024. While many people make a visit to Taco Bell to satisfy their thirst, the 20th anniversary celebration puts the favorite beverage on the shelf everywhere.  

Although the favorite tropical lime beverage has been around for two decades, the cans and bottles have had a limited offerings. Even though there have been specialty flavors and special promotions, the only way to satisfy that thirst 365 days a year was to run to Taco Bell and place an order. For 2024, the beverage conversation has changed.  

Speaking about the Bajaversary, JP Bittencourt, Vice President of Marketing at MTN DEW, said, “MTN DEW BAJA BLAST has cemented its place as a fan-favorite flavor in pop culture and as a staple in countless Taco Bell orders, so we knew we had to celebrate its 20 th anniversary in a big way. Nothing’s better than giving fans what they’ve asked for, with a few additional surprises to keep the celebration going all year long. Thank you to all the BAJA BLAST lovers over the last 20 years. Because of you, everyone nationwide can now buy the beloved flavor in-stores and as always, at Taco Bell, all year long and earn rewards while doing so...that’s a win-win.” 

MTN DEW Baja Blast marks its 20th anniversary by going to the Super Bowl 

For the first time ever, MTN DEW Baja Blast is heading to Super Bowl VIII. According to the Bajaversary announcement, the iconic beverage will make its first on-screen appearance during the big game.  

While MTN DEW might have brought its Major Melon to a winning Super Bowl commercial, the iconic tropical lime beverage has not been part of the pop culture moment. Everyone will have to wait and see how the special event plays out.  

Beyond the big game and 365 days of availability, MTN DEW will have a wide array of fan gear at the BAJA BLAST Shop. Everyone can showcase their food and beverage fashion for all to see.  

Lastly, Taco Bell will be part of many of the Bajaversary celebrations. From purchase rewards to special events, there will be no shortage of ways to celebrate the iconic beverage that has been delighting people for 20 years.