MTN DEW Major Melon Super Bowl ad shows a watermelon world

New MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by MTN DEW
New MTN DEW Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by MTN DEW /

In a recent teaser for the MTN DEW Major Melon Super Bowl ad, the quick clip shows a world full of watermelon. While the complete details of this commercial are yet to be revealed, the adorable watermelon dog is not necessarily that miltary-esque watermelon from the beverage product launch. What is that dog trying to tell us?

The Super Bowl LV commercials seem to have a different approach this year. While some PepsiCo brands are focusing on both humor and others have a little mystery, the overall mood of all the recently revealed Super Bowl LV commercials has been lighthearted. It seems that celebrating the happy seems to be the trend.

Since Super Bowl LV is going to be much different than previous events, it seems that the commercials are taking that concept in a new direction too. Maybe with smaller gatherings, the commercials need to strike a chord.

But, what is this MTN DEW Major Melon Super Bowl ad all about?

Looking at this teaser clip, it appears that this watermelon dog is very excited about this watermelon filled street party. If you look closely, the area is filled with all things watermelon. From rides to experiences, it is definitely a watermelon filled world.

Since MTN DEW Major Melon is the first permanent new flavor in almost a decade, it makes sense that the big game would be the big stage to make a statement about the new flavor.

For many people watermelon evokes summer gatherings. Whether it is that backyard picnic or Sunday dinner, watermelon and summer days go hand in hand. The idea of a street festival, like seen in the commercial, makes sense.

If you haven’t tried the new MTN DEW Major Melon, it is definitely a sip to savor. The classic citrus notes from the MTN DEW are clear and crisp. The watermelon flavor comes at the end and offers a slightly sweet note, but not overpowering. Overall, the flavor is refreshing, just like that slice of watermelon on a hot day.

Maybe the MTN DEW Major Melon Super Bowl commercial is trying to capture that moment of refreshment. Whether it that festival or at the movie theater, there are many places that Dew Nation will want to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

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What do you think that this Super Bowl LV commercial will reveal? Have you tried MTN DEW Major Melon yet?