Doritos relaunches Dinamita with a buzz worthy Super Bowl campaign

New Doritos Dinamita snack food flavors
New Doritos Dinamita snack food flavors / Doritos

With a world watching Super Bowl LVIII, a bold, crunchy snack food is ready for its moment in the spotlight. Doritos Dinamita brings its intense flavor to the world’s stage, and everyone better be prepared for the ultimate crunch.  

Doritos and the Super Bowl have long been a winning combination. From musical superstars turning power ballads into flavorful swoon worthy moments to hilarious, fan-driven storylines that had everyone talking, the minute on the screen lasts a million times longer in pop culture history.  

For Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, Doritos Dinamita is using the moment to reintroduce the snack to a larger audience. In addition to its prime time commercial, the snack brand is launching new flavors and shapes. The company is doubling down on this food segment.  

According to Tina Mahal, senior vice president of marketing at PepsiCo Foods North America, “Doritos has a long history of delivering fan-favorite Super Bowl commercials, but new pack-a-punch flavors, unique shapes and some spicy stars will make Dinamita's Super Bowl commercial a campaign that will get snackers across the country buzzing like never before. This relaunch of Doritos Dinamita proves that spicy is about more than just heat, and both Dinamita varieties give snackers looking for that extra crunch a new favorite Doritos form." 

What are the Doritos Dinamita flavors hitting store shelves?  

As many snack fans appreciate, Dinamita has a signature rolled shape that adds to its signature texture and crunch. For this launch, the snack food line adds a stick option. While the crunch will still be part of the eating experience, the crumbly bite may be a little less.  

The flavors for this promotion are: Doritos Dinamita Chile Limón, Doritos Dinamita Flamin' Hot Queso, Doritos Dinamita Smoky Chile Queso, Doritos Dinamita Tangy Fiery Lime and Doritos Dinamita Hot Honey Mustard.  

The most unlikely offering in this group is the Doritos Dinamita Hot Honey Mustard. While mustard is inherently spicy, mustard snacks often stick to the pretzel category. This version is a hot honey flavor that could be the huge hit.  

In addition, the Doritos Dinamita Hot Honey Mustard will be available in the stick form. This shape could lend itself to being an ingredient on a hamburger, hot dog, or sandwich. It might be best to snag a couple of bags once they appear on the shelf.  

The other flavors seems to play into the traditional flavor slant that people expect from Dinamita. Bold spicy, citrus kick, and even a little cheesy, the flavors are familiar yet still satisfy.  

With the new stick shape, it will be interesting to see how the flavor intensity is changed. The rolled layers often made for flavor pockets while eating. The sticks might be more of a single path to the intended flavor.  

The five Doritos Dinamita flavors are available in stores now. More information on the Doritos Super Bowl LVIII commercial will be available leading up to the game.