Drumstick Monday petition rallies football fans with a sweet offer

Eric Andre in Drumstick Super Bowl commercial with Dr Umstick
Eric Andre in Drumstick Super Bowl commercial with Dr Umstick / Drumstick

Mondays can be rough and the day after the big game can be even more tiresome. No matter who lifted the Lombardi Trophy, the surprise guest during the halftime performance, or the amount of food eaten, one aspect unites everyone whose eyes were glued to the screen. February 12 is not just another day. It is time to join the Drumstick Monday petition.  

Over the years, there have been many movements regarding the timing of the final game of the NFL season. Some people have wanted the game moved to Saturday. Others might prefer the kickoff to be early in the afternoon.  

Drumstick Monday is all about taking the first day of the week to be a celebratory moment that does not involve a zoom call, spreadsheet, or TPS report. As part of its first commercial airing during the third quarter of Super Bowl LVIII, Eric André and Dr. Umstick are ready to embrace the next great adventure.  

As Kerry Hopkins, Head of Marketing for Drumstick said, "The day after the biggest sports game of the year shouldn't just be another Monday. Drumstick is all about embracing unexpected fun, and #DrumstickMonday is the perfect opportunity to shake up your typical Monday routine. Join us by signing the petition and adding a little dose of adventure this February 12." 

While everyone is welcome to sign the petition, it is more than just a Change.org document that will cause the official holiday to become a reality. People need to embrace the idea of taking a break. In a world where there is no off switch, the time to stop, disengage, and do something for themselves is important. If the day after the big game sparks that conversation, it could be a vital part of making real change permanent.  

Since food movements often get people talking, the Drumstick commercial and movement needs to be part of the conversation beyond the table. Whether people truly pack their favorite ice cream cone in that carry on bag or just have a box always available in the freezer, the reality is that people need to embrace the moment to enjoy life. It might be a treat mid-afternoon when the day goes sideways or it could be weekly ritual of Friday night dessert with the kids. No matter the occasion or reason, people need to find a way to say yes more often.  

While people will be watching the big game from Las Vegas on February 11, maybe that locale might inspire to find the yes to that next adventure. Monday, February 12 might be the first day in a world full of possibilities.