Dunkin tops the charts with its new The DunKings menu

While the Dunkin commercial might have been one of the most talked about clips of the night, it is The DunKings menu that has everyone running to get that first taste of those food offerings in the morning.  
The DunKings Menu hits Dunkin
The DunKings Menu hits Dunkin / Dunkin

It is time to experience a new donut and coffee combination. After all the confetti has been swept away from the big game, The DunKings menu keeps that pop culture moment front and center. Whether dressed in an epic track suit or something more business casual, everyone will be running to Dunkin to enjoy this new food combo.  

While Mayo Cat reminded everyone to avoid food waste and the beer commercials brought together icons of sport, the Dunkin big game ad might have wone the night. Although some people might be talking about new sports dynasties, the commercial had more famous faces per second than any other offering.  

Check out the Dunkin clip.  

Although the ad had people stopping to watch, it was more than just a few seconds on screen. Everyone can get a taste of The DunKings menu.  

Speaking to the offering, Jill McVicar Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer at Dunkin, “there’s no way to watch this campaign and its many outtakes, to try The DunKings Iced Coffee with the fun MUNCHKINS skewer, or to wear the pink and orange tracksuits without smiling. That’s the genuine, lighthearted connection we want people to feel when they think about Dunkin’. You can chase your dreams, aim high, and have a laugh while doing it all as part of the Dunkin’ family. Dunkin’ fuels your passions, no matter how ambitious or out there they may seem.” 

What is on The DunKings Menu?  

Available now for a limited time, The DunKings Menu features: The DunKings Iced Coffee and The DunKings Munchkins Skewers, as well as items via the mobile app which include, Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich, Hazelnut Heartthrob Iced Coffee, and Mixed Berry Beats Dunkin’ Refresher.  

The DunKings Iced Coffee is based on Ben Afleck’s favorite coffee order. The vanilla forward iced coffee has cinnamon sugar on top of the Sweet Cold Foam. It seems like the famous Dunkin fan prefers his coffee on the sweet side. Maybe starting the day with a little sweetness is the secret to his success.  

The DunKings Munchkins Skewers seems to turn coffee into a more elevated beverage, like a cocktail. While some people have put a whole donut on top of that iced coffee, it seems like it is time to try another food topping. Maybe it is time to think about dunking that Munchkin into the beverage.  

Looking at the Mobile App offerings, the Everything Encore Breakfast Sandwich is the winner. From the Sweet Black Pepper Bacon to the white cheddar cheese, it hits a high note with flavor.  

While everyone might be talking about the commercial, get a taste of what the ad was promoting at Dunkin. The DunKings Menu is a great way to make the Monday after the big game a lot more flavorful.