Easy brunch ideas that make the home cook look like a pro

Frittata from Norwood's brunch menu.
Frittata from Norwood's brunch menu. / Helena Perray / USA TODAY NETWORK

From holidays to simple weekend diversions, many people adore the idea of a brunch. While restaurants can be the lavish lexicons of brunch dining, a novice cook might want to run away from the stove. These easy brunch ideas are food and beverage concepts that anyone can master.

Long before Carrie Bradshaw and her friends gathered on Sundays to nosh and gossip the day away, brunch’s popularity was clear. From the sophisticated ladies who love dainty pastries and mimosas served in crystal to the boisterous Midwest gatherings where Bloody Mary glasses are precariously built with garnishes that resembled a meal, that mid-day gathering feels special. Linner might be the funnier sounding word, but brunch is always different.

While chefs effortlessly whip up a bounty of dishes for brunch, the home cook might feel overwhelmed or even slightly inept when it comes to filling the table. Instead of just going to buy some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and calling it a day, a few simple, easy to master concepts can turn any moment into an event.

Easy brunch ideas that make you look like a pro

Make food ahead of time

Even though some people might scoff at the idea of baked eggs, making a dish ahead of time can be a good food hack. Baked French Toast is a simple, easy idea that not only impresses at the table but also is easy to make.

To elevate that idea, consider swapping a plain white bread for something more substantial. For example, St Pierre's Brioche Loaf is a delicious choice for a French Toast recipe. It’s pillowy texture allows all that beautiful custard to work its magic.

Another option, Kroger’s Private Selection Croissant Loaf Bread is delicious. While this choice makes for a much more decadent offering, there will never be a piece left behind at the end of the meal.

Brunch boards

Even though the food board idea might be a little outplayed, the reality is that the concept still works. For serving pastries, fruit, cheese, and other little bites, it takes the pressure off the brunch host.

Consider making that board the centerpiece of the table. For example, if everyone is getting a mini-quiche as their main entrée, fill the board with fruits, pickled vegetables, or even some mini-condiment carafes. It makes for a prettier way to serve all the extras for the meal.

Garnish the glass

In many cases, beverages are flowing at brunch. Add a little whimsy by garnishing the glasses before those mimosas are poured.

A simple sugar mint rim can add flare. Or, for extra sparkle, add some edible glitter to the glass. Even an edible flower floating on top can turn that simple sipper into a photo moment.

These easy brunch ideas might seem trivial, but the little touches can make a difference. Sometimes the details really do matter.