Epic Universe Dark Universe’s Darkmoor dining seeks to satisfy guests’ voracious appetites

Burning Blade Tavern at Epic Universe's Dark Universe Darkmoor
Burning Blade Tavern at Epic Universe's Dark Universe Darkmoor / Universal Orlando

Under the veil of darkness, creatures roam. While frights might hide in the shadows, guests to Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe Dark Universe Portal crave the sinister and scary realm. The Darkmoor dining options transport guests into that immersive, monstrous world and they may never want to leave.

Classic Universal Monsters captivate people’s minds beyond the familiar visual and well-known tale. It might have been the first character who made a person scream or the character who played into a classic fear that forever haunts their dreams. No matter the connection, the dark world where Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein’s Monster, and the Bride of Frankenstein hold court calls and people are forever held under their spell.

While the Dark Universe area has thrills with both intense coasters and family friendly options, it is the Darkmoor dining choices that will lure guests to linger a little longer. Like Dracula’s bite, it is the taste that envelopes them into a world where they never want to leave.

Similar to how screams at seasonal events often create a thirst for a beverage, the Burning Blade Tavern will quickly become the must stop location. While the fire might whirl in the sky, it is the stories told around the table that make this stop inviting.

Although a few trophies on the wall might be a little visually disconcerting, the hearty meal of bratwurst, burgers, wings, and pretzels will fuel any guest. While the Universal Orlando food and beverage team did not reveal any specifics on the specialty beverages, the possibilities are many. From a simple robust stout to a vibrant nod to conquering a monstrous quest, many people would be happy to raise a toast.

Das Stakehaus Dark Universe Epic Universe
Das Stakehaus at Dark Universe, inside Epic Universe / Universal Orlando

For a more robust dining experience, Das Stakehaus serves a vampires’ feast. While the walls are lined with impressive visuals, it is the atmosphere that sets the tone for the event. For example, kebabs are a smart choice to capture that dark visual without becoming too menacing. It might not necessarily be a true taste of Transylvania, but it should be a meal that leaves an impression.

Lastly, De Lacey’s Cottage is a nice respite from the foreboding tales that fill the area. A warm, comforting piece of cinnamon bread or a sweet ice cream can help calm the nerves. Plus, for Halloween Horror Night fans, it seems that Twisted Taters will be on the menu. No one will have to wait for the seasonal fog to bring that favorite treat.  

More details about Universal Orlando’s Epic Universe, Dark Universe, its other portals and all the food and beverage offerings will be revealed over time. The new theme park is set to open in 2025. A specific opening date has yet to be announced.