Epic Universe Isle of Berk dining options offer a taste of a Viking adventure

Isle of Berk in Epic Universe
Isle of Berk in Epic Universe / Universal Orlando

After guests soar through the clouds and splash down from another epic adventure, their hunger and thirst need to be satisfied. Luckily, Isle of Berk dining options are another well-themed food example from the Epic Universe culinary team.

As new details emerge from the upcoming opening of Universal Orlando Resort’s Epic Universe, the spectacular theme part looks to raise the bar in each and every aspect of entertainment. While everyone expected the thrill rides to be integral parts of the guest experience, it is incorporating the theme details that will make this Universal property a jewel in its company.

While Celestial Park welcomes the guests with promises to transport them into other worlds, the Isle of Berk takes images and stories that young and old know well and brings them to life. Although mythical dragons might be mighty and mischievous, there is a beauty and power that transcends those fiery breathing moments. The imagination ignites and people dream of what it would be to soar higher on the backs of these majestic animals.

The four attractions, live show, and meet and greets invite guests to create their own adventure. From the person who wants to man the ship and soak their opponent on Frye Drill to the thrill enthusiast who cannot want to control their fate on the Dragon Racer’s Rally, the experiences cover all the preferences. Even the family thrill coaster, Hiccup’s Wing Gliders will get both kids and parents screaming with delight.

With all the fun, the food and beverage options need to be as memorable as the swooping and soaring through the air. Luckily, the three restaurants have an option no matter the time frame or craving.

The larger scale, sit down restaurant, Mead Hall takes inspiration from the Nordic world. Although no one is required to eat with their hands or procure their own fish, the description seems to play into a hearty, communal type dining experience.

The most interesting aspect to Mead Hall will be the mead selection. Although the classic alcoholic beverage has been around for centuries, few places, especially theme parks, feature that drink. While some people might prefer to the more familiar ciders, the mead beverages make this dining experience special. It would be wonderful if the beverage team would offer some type of flight or mead tasting to enhance the enjoyment.

Epic Universe Isle of Berk
Epic Universe Isle of Berk / Universal Orlando

For a meal with a view, the Spit Fyre Grill overlooks the Fyre Drill water attraction. Although there will be no splashing at the table, guests might laugh as unsuspecting guests get pummeled by both friends and foes.

The quick service menu should feature familiar favorites. Although a dragon’s flame might not be adding flavor from its fire, the dishes should have a wide appeal.

Also, the Hooligan’s Grog and Gruel will offer quick bites for guests. While not specifically noted by the Universal Orlando team, this option should have some alcoholic beverages. Grog usually means something a little more potent than water.

Lastly, it will be interesting to see how the Universal Orlando culinary team uses creative cups to make this Viking experience come to life. Even though many people will be wearing those well-known hats, drinking a specialty cocktail from horn could be fun, too.

More details about Epic Universe will become available ahead of the 2025 theme park opening. Check with Universal Orlando channels for more information as it becomes available.