Epic Universe’s Super Nintendo World food adds playful flavor to the experience

Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World in Epic Universe
Toadstool Cafe at Super Nintendo World in Epic Universe / Universal Orlando

While visitors prepare to power up, Epic Universe’s Super Nintendo World food ensures that guests are well-fueled for all the activities. Blending colors, textures, and creative presentations, the Universal Orlando chefs are integral to the total immersive experience.

The theme park experience is more than standing in queues and extreme thrills. Given that guests arrive early in the morning and stay late into the evening, food and beverages are a vital part of the overall experience. Although years ago many people would be happy with a simple burger or a pizza slice, expectations have heightened.

Today, people want a photo worthy dish that will be the envy of all their friends. In addition, the flavor of that dish needs to live up to the visual. When a theme park culinary team can balance the two aspects, it will have people lining up time and again.

In Epic Universe’s Super Nintendo World, the Toadstool Café will be signature restaurant for the land. While some of these dishes might look familiar to Universal theme park fans, the Orlando crowd is excited to get their first taste.

Similar to how the Universal Orlando chefs brought the Minion Café to life, the Toadstool Café uses the classic imagery from the Super Nintendo World to inspire the food offerings. From Fire Flower Spaghetti and Meatballs to Super Mushroom Soup, the dishes will have the camera eating before the guest.

More importantly, it appears that the Universal culinary team is ensuring that all food choices are covered in this menu. Given the rise in requests for vegetarian, vegan, and other food options, it is vital that the menu is inclusive.

While Toadstool Café might be more of a sit-down experience, Yoshi’s Snack Island and Turbo Boost Treats are a smart grab and go experience. Although the details have yet to be revealed about these snacks and beverages, there is an expectation that vibrant colors will captivate the eye. Maybe it will be time for Universal to include some boba drinks or some innovative ways to bubble up those beverages.

The recent announcement shows that food and beverages will be an important part of the total Epic Universe experience. Every bite and sip are a continuation of each land’s theme. One aspect is certain, guests better bring a hearty appetite to enjoy all the offerings.

Epic Universe is set to open in 2025. The exact opening date has yet to be announced. Super Nintendo World is one of five portals in the Universal Orlando theme park.