Who is the famous mustache in the Pringles Super Bowl ad?

Pringles Celeb Teaser for Super Bowl LVIII commercial
Pringles Celeb Teaser for Super Bowl LVIII commercial / Pringles

As the days to the big game get closer, more details on the epic food commercials are revealed. With the Pringles Super Bowl ad, it is all about a very particular mustache. Who is the mystery man with the well-coiffed facial hair?  

Over the years, Pringles has had some of the most talked about 30 seconds of television. From flavor stacking to getting a hand stuck in that container, the laughter is rooted in relatable ideas. Who hasn’t had a moment when they tried to get that last crisp from the bottom of the container?

Recently, Pringles announced that it is returning to the Big Game and shared a photo of an epic ‘stache. Although all the details have yet to be revealed, many people are speculating that Travis Kelce is the man in the photo.  

Although it is unclear if Kelce ever rocked a handlebar mustache, the wide receiver could make a splash in the spot. Maybe he has a great idea for a new flavor stack that will have everyone singing his praises. It could be a whole new era for Pringles.  

While celebrities often bring the notoriety and humor to Super Bowl commercials, it might be funnier to see someone totally unexpected to be the man behind the mustache. Maybe a person who has never had facial hair could be that mystery man.  

Given that Super Bowl commercials need a moment, a splash, or just something that no one has seen before, it will be interesting to see how Pringles leverages this preview visual into something more. Could there be a way for everyone to embrace the look of that iconic logo? It might not be no shave November, but maybe this mustache could be a new trend.  

Be sure to watch Super Bowl LVIII on February 11 to see the big reveal. Until then, let the speculation continue.