Fannie May Cream Eggs are a sweet Easter tradition

Fannie May Cream Eggs
Fannie May Cream Eggs / Fannie May

While some people might love those jewel toned jelly beans, others prefer silken, luscious chocolate in the Easter basket. Nestled beside those classic Easter bunnies, the Fannie May Cream Eggs are the iconic choice that has everyone excited to break into one of those treats.

For over 100 years, Fannie May has been making its iconic chocolates. While many people might have been first introduced to their Buttercreams, the chocolate company is more than just a single delicious item. Without ever altering their recipes, people have come to trust that the food brand always delivers that iconic taste. From the sweet, nutty Pixies to the coolness of the Mint Meltaways, the next bite is always as good as the first one.

Even though the flavor is always as people expect, Fannie May wants people to experience that sweetness. Anyone who visits a Fannie May store can sample the variety of treats during special tasting events. From a chocolate and cream option to a fruit forward treat, the diverse line of candies has something to satisfy everyone.

During the Easter season, the Fannie May Cream Eggs are a tradition in many people’s homes. Featuring some of the favorite cream flavors, the 2 oz eggs offer a great visual for the holiday. Whether part of an Easter basket or a feature on the holiday dessert table, these eggs will be devoured quickly.

Available in a box of eight, the flavors are classics. Of course, the iconic Trinidad flavor with its tropical coconut note is included. Other flavors are Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla Buttercream, Green May Egg, as well as Milk Fruit and Nut. The diverse line-up allows every flavor to be satisfied. Even though some people may not want to share, splitting eggs into pieces allows everyone to sample the variety.

In addition to the Fannie May Cream Eggs, the chocolate brand has a selection of Chocolate Bunnies. Whether the kids prefer the classic milk chocolate or adults enjoy the dark chocolate, everyone can have a bunny in their basket. No matter how people eat the bunny, it all tastes delicious.

Lastly, Fannie May has a variety of other Springtime inspired treats for the holiday. From the springtime Mint Meltaways to a bag of the S’mores Mix, there are plenty of sweet treats to include in the Easter celebration.

Fannie May candies can be found on the brand’s website, Amazon, and in stores. Since some items are seasonal only, supplies may be limited.