Fish Friday: Best quick service restaurants fish sandwiches for Lent

Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich
Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich / Arby's

After indulging in all the over-the-top food delights during Fat Tuesday celebrations, Lent has some people choosing to enjoy Fish Fridays. Luckily, many quick service restaurants have fish sandwiches and other fish menu items for the Lenten season.  

From the person who chooses to abstain from meat on Fridays to the person who just likes a fish sandwich, quick service restaurants bring back fish options during the Spring. Although some people would appreciate it if these specials were around more frequently, it is time to take advantage of all the available options.  

Check out these quick service restaurant fish sandwiches for fish Friday.  


The Crispy Fish Sandwiches are two for $6 at Arby’s through April 8. This sandwich gets its crispy texture from the panko-breading. Served on toasted sesame bun with lettuce and tartar sauce, it is a delightful contrast of textures.  

Bob Evans 

Although not necessarily a drive-thru, Bob Evans is offering Alaska cod in both a fish sandwich and a fish fry. That flakey, white fish always delivers a great flavor.    

Dairy Queen 

While those Blizzards are always tempting, the Wild Alaska Fish Sandwich made with Alaska pollock is a great option for Lent. Pollock is always a good choice for fried fish since it stands up to the batter.  

Jack in the Box 

Since the Jack in the Box menu might be one of the robust offerings in the QSR space, it makes sense that it would have two offerings for the Lenten season. Guests can choose from either the Fish Sandwich or the Fish Jack Wraps. Both made with Alaska pollock, the wraps can be ordered as either classic or spicy flavor.  


The Flounder Fish Sandwich is back on the menu. First introduced in 2021, the current version is available in about a classic and spicy option. While the Louisiana herbs and spices set this fish apart from other QSR offerings, people cannot get enough of the pickles, too. For heat fans, the spicy spread is equally as tasty.  

Sonic Drive-In 

Sonic Drive-In has its Alaska pollock fish sandwich. Pairing this dish with some tots is quite delightful.  

White Castle

Even though it might not be part of the Crave Case, the Panko Fish Slider, made with Alaska pollock, is quite tasty. Also, consider adding an order of onion rings and stacking them on the fish sandwich. It is a great menu hack.  

More Fish Friday options that are not fish sandwiches 

If a flakey white fish does not float your boat, there are several shrimp options that across quick service restaurants. It seems that there are plenty of shrimp to be served.  


The Shrimp Tackle Box is back. Featuring eight crispy Butterfly Shrimp, the seasoned, breaded shrimp is always tasty. Plus, it served with a side and that iconic biscuit.  

Long John Silver’s 

While Long John Silver’s serves fish all year long, the Lenten season brings lots of deals. From shrimp baskets to shrimp sea shares, there are plenty of options $10 and less. Grilled, fried, and even a side of those hushpuppies are all included in these food deals.  

Since the Lenten season only lasts for 40 days, these fish offerings will be swimming away soon enough. Better order before Easter.