Food takes over the beauty aisle with juicy, creamy collaborations

Welch’s Juicyfuls Juicy Fruit Lip Gloss
Welch’s Juicyfuls Juicy Fruit Lip Gloss / Welch's

While food and fashion go hand in hand, favorite flavors are taking over the beauty conversation, too. Given that people crave favorite flavors, it is time to let that taste, aroma, and color expand beyond the plate.

Sometimes certain foolish ideas are rooted in reality. When that perfect mix of slightly outlandish meets real world probability, the joke sparks an idea beyond the laugh.

Hidden Valley Ranch and Burt Bee’s is a great example. When this Burt’s Bees x Hidden Valley Ranch Dippers Lip Balm came out in 2022, everyone wondered why, then waited a moment and saw that it could be a reality. This year, the 4-pack is back and it is not a joke.

Available Burt Bee’s website, the 4-pack lip balm is available for a limited time. Given that people love their HVR, it makes sense that the tangy, creamy condiment flavor can be transformed into a lip balm. Who hasn’t smacked their lips to get every last dribble from a sandwich or chicken wing.

More importantly, the idea was rooted in flavors that made sense. Fresh Carrot is a great combination of tangy and sweet. It might not entice people to eat another serving of vegetables, but it works in that lip balm.

Although the Burt’s Bees x Hidden Valley Ranch Dippers Lip Balm might have been a little outside of the bottle, the Welch’s Juicyfuls Juicy Fruit Lip Gloss is an idea that everyone can get behind. Who didn’t grow up with those fruity flavor, juicy lip glosses in their purse. Why not enjoy a little taste of that simple pleasure, again.

Whether the flavor is an exact replica of those Welch’s Juicyfuls snacks is not necessarily the main point of this offering. Having that bright orange note is perky perfection and the sweet strawberry is sensational.

More importantly, it brings a little fun to the food conversation. No one is ever too old for a juicy Welch’s snack. Maybe this special collaboration will serve as a great reminder to have fun, whether it is with food choices or just any part of the day.

Although these ideas might have started as a touch of silliness for April Fools, the reality is that the concept is rooted in reality. Just like Liquid Death partnered on a cosmetics line and Chipotle had a a makeup palate, people want to see their favorite food brands in other arenas. If you can wear a shirt for all to see, why shouldn’t makeup be part of the conversation, too.

Could more real food and cosmetics crossovers be in the future? As long as no one turns neon relish into a color trend, everyone should be safe.