Frito-Lay is ready to serve crowd pleasing snacks to combat that big game JOMO

While many people might be envious of the ultra bougie food served in the suites at the big game, Frito-Lay wants to change that JOMO (joy of missing out) conversation. This year, flavorful snack culinary creations will be the winning food spread with everyone gathered around the screen.
Taste of the NFL Presented by Frito-Lay, Quaker and the PepsiCo Foundation
Taste of the NFL Presented by Frito-Lay, Quaker and the PepsiCo Foundation / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

Although the big game is truly about crowning a champion, the reality is that the food served needs to be the big winner. While there will always be talk about the best commercials and the epic plays, people gather around the table to eat, drink, and find the joy in that common experience. Frito-Lay wants to help ensure that no crumb is left behind at the end of the night.  

While diehard fandoms might live and breathe every play, many people can be less concerned with passing percentages and yards per run. The final score will always matter, but the big game is more than just four quarters of football. It is time to enjoy the moment, indulge in some great food, and otherwise let loose.  

Speaking about this year’s big event, Denise Lefebvre, senior vice president of R&D for PepsiCo Foods commented, “The Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon that we look forward to being an integral part of each year. Whether Americans choose to enjoy it with a quiet evening or at a large social gathering, it's clear that culinary creations will rule the day. At Frito-Lay, we are dedicated to understanding our consumers' evolving food preferences and behaviors to ensure they have the options they want and every meal occasion is joyful." 

What does Frito-Lay predict will be served at those big game gatherings?

While some people might be willing to wager on a coin flip or even what colored beverage will be dumped on the winning coach’s head, those speculations are not as important to hungry guests. In reality, an overflowing snack bowl is what really matters in that moment.  

According to Frito-Lay, preparation is key for the big game food spread. While athletes might spend years preparing for that one moment of glory, party hosts need to ensure that the to-do list is tackled long before kick-off. From having an extra bag of Lay’s potato chips to creating a make your own walking taco for halftime, the gameplan needs to be on point.  

Whether that menu is inspired by some Kansas City BBQ, full of San Francisco sourdough bread, or just filled with a local favorite food, ensuring that no one leaves hungry is the ultimate victory. Buying enough food for seven people only to have 14 show up will require phoning a delivery friend.  

Since no one wants to have food waste enter the conversation, snacks can be the star of the plate. With more and more people choosing snacks as their main meal, there might not be a need for a stack of sliders at halftime.  

Overall, the biggest takeaway from this year’s survey is that the watching party will score a victory when the snacks are plentiful. From a potluck to a well-crafted theme, everyone will leave satisfied no matter the final score.