Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial poses a curious question

From friendly banter to a humorous moment, certain scenarios have people trying to remember why that moment feels familiar. In the 2024 Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial, choosing to forget can leave room for remembering how to place that order.
Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial with Jennifer Aniston
Uber Eats Super Bowl LVIII commercial with Jennifer Aniston / Uber Eats

Recently, Uber Eats has been teasing its 2024 Super Bowl commercial. While the Beckhams might have brought their honesty to the conversation and Jelly Roll might have been astonished by the image in the mirror, the pop culture icons are only one part of the conversation. In the recently released full commercial, even long lasting friendships can sometimes slip people’s minds.  Have Ross and Rachel made a permanent break?

Over the years, Uber Eats has relished the humor in its Super Bowl ads. Whether the order includes food, inedible objects, or a variety of other items, the reality is that the humorous moment gets people talking.  

In this year’s commercial, the idea of choosing to forget one piece of information in order to remember Uber Eats ordering versatility is on display. Check out the clip.  

According to Georgie Jeffreys, Head of Marketing at Uber, North America. "This year, our star studded campaign showcases that you can get almost, almost anything delivered with Uber Eats - you just have to forget something else. As we playfully imagine the very important things people might forget, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer can't remember Friends, the Beckhams are unable to recall the Spice Girls, Jelly Roll doesn’t know why he has doodles on his face and Usher notes he’d love to play the halftime show.”

Even though Ross and Rachel might have had an infamous break, no one would think that Jennifer Aniston would wipe that memory of David Schwimmer away. Maybe she just needs a perfectly crafted Central Perk latte to spark that friendly connection.  

Seeing the two friends together will get everyone to stop and watch this commercial. Whether it is a nostalgic moment or just the love of that influential television show, it gets people talking. The whole point of these short clips is to keep the conversation going days, weeks, and even longer.  

Whether it is Victoria Beckham forgetting her posh role in one of the most memorable girl groups or Jelly Roll not realizing that his facial art is permanent, people can relate to those moments when they just cannot place a person, remember a name, or just forget something that should be front of mind. That relatable moment is why the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial will be a big hit.  

Be sure to catch the 2024 Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial on Sunday, February 11 during the big game. And, make sure to place that Uber Eats order early. No one wants to ruin the night by forgetting to place that order.