Jelly Roll discovers a new look on the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial

After the Beckhams brought their brand of honesty to the Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial tease, Jelly Roll has a new discovery to share. That look in the mirror might not be what he remembers.  
Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial featuring Jelly Roll
Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial featuring Jelly Roll / Uber Eats

This year’s Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial is ready to change the conversation by adding a little humor to its message. While people are accustomed to pushing that button to order chicken wings, noodles, or some beverages, the service can be that saving grace when the forgotten item is need in a timely fashion, like on Super Bowl Sunday. For Jelly Roll, a stunning visual is that reminder.  

As seen in the new Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial teaser, Jelly Roll looks in the mirror and finds a permanent look that he did not expect.  

While the joke is that he forgot his many face tattoos, the humor is not about regret. It gets to the heart of the scenario. Sometimes the answer is right in front of your face. It might not necessarily be a permanently tattooed statement, but it should not fade from mind.  

Bringing Jelly Roll to the conversation shows that the Grammy-nominated artist has made a huge impact on the pop culture world. While his story is compelling, people resonate with his music. It is another example how Uber Eats stays abreast of current culture trends.  

Whether or not this commercial serves as a good reminder to place that Uber Eats order remains to be seen. Luckily, no one should have to tattoo that concept in plain view.  

The idea is similar to the humor portrayed in the David and Victoria Beckham commercial. Finding ways to incorporate that pop culture moment into its brand promotion gets people talking. Even for the person who might only occasionally place an order, these commercials might make them more willing to put the Uber Eats front of mind.  

Now that Uber Eats has revealed two of their celebrity focused clips, the third reveal becomes even more anticipated. Maybe Jessica Anniston will have some friends join her on that Uber Eats order.