Gabi Chappel follows her Next Level Chef victory with Gabi’s Next Course

Gabi Chappel launches Gabi's Next Course series
Gabi Chappel launches Gabi's Next Course series / FOX

Crowned as the Next Level Chef Season 3 winner, Gabi Chappel earned more than just a substantial monetary prize. With her new Bite Originals series, Gabi’s Next Course, the popular chef is ready to explore the connection between food and culture.

Throughout Next Level Chef Season 3, Gabi impressed Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais, and Nyesha Arrington with balanced flavors, creative ingredient combinations, and visually stunning plates. While she was willing to experiment, her restraint and maturity earned her the title.

Part of her Next Level Chef win was a mentorship with the judges. The new Bite Originals show, Gabi’s Next Course, is an aspect of that mentorship. The first episode of this new series has dropped, and it can be seen here.

Prior to the debut, FoodSided spoke to Gabi Chappel about the new series. As seen in the first episode, the concept blends exploring food culture with an approachable recipe.

Speaking about the food and culture theme, Gabi said, “I think that the overall larger motif of Gabi’s Next Course is (exploring food and culture). What is this next part of my journey? How I am continuing this education? At heart, I will always be a student. I am going to be doing this my whole life, it is in my DNA.”

“I think that the thing that drives this insatiable desire and curiosity that I have to learn about other cultures aside from my own, but also learn more about my own culture. I think that there is an opportunity to dive a little bit deeper.”

Speaking specifically to the first episode, Gabi explained, “the example of street food shows restraint and high maximum flavor. It was really fun to tie in all these elements of the show.”  

While the first episode has dropped, Gabi has a lot of ideas for upcoming themes. As discussed on Next Level Chef, she loves cooking vegetable-forward dishes. She believes that Gabi’s Next Course is a way to not only showcase her passion but also to inspire others to appreciate the vegetables’ bountiful flavor.

Gabi shared, “there is going to be an episode where we do one of my favorite things, go to a farmers market. We are going to see how I do it and how to look at it differently. I want people to get a little more comfortable with eating more plant-based food. I am not saying cut out meat completely. But, I hope to inspire people to be more curious about food and culture.”

Be sure to watch the Bite Originals new series, Gabi’s Next Course starring Gabi Chappel. New episodes will appear periodically.

Want to relive Gabi’s winning Next Level Chef meal? Those episodes can be streamed on Hulu.