New General Mills Loaded Cereal makes every day a little extra

Whether it is the first bite of the day or the simple meal enjoyed why binge watching a favorite show, cereal should be more than just food in a bowl. With the new General Mills Loaded Cereal, it is time to celebrate the extra.
General Mills Loaded Cereal
General Mills Loaded Cereal / General Mills

General Mills continues to push the cereal conversation in creative, sometimes over the top ways. While iconic brands, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch, have embraced spice and fun partner collaborations, the newest cereal to hit stores is a little extra, actually a lot extra. Loaded Cereal unapologetically celebrates the more because life is too short to sit in the shadows.  

For the launch of Loaded Cereal, the food brand brought the conversation of “living cereal rich” to the table. While a gold-plated spoon or a bejeweled bowl might be worthy of royalty, that “rich” sentiment is not limited to just a particular visual. It is a feeling, a desire, and a taste.  

With three cereals in the new line, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs and Trix, the eating experience is over the top. From the crunchy texture to the sweetness, that spoonful feels a lot extra.  

According to Brandon Tyrrell Senior Manager, Brand Experience, “We knew we had an opportunity to bring the brands fans love, but bigger and bolder. LOADED brings even more fun and flavor to the breakfast table to help our fans max out on life starting the moment they wake up.” 

Having had the opportunity to try these new cereals, the flavor is over the top. While each one captures the classic taste from the referenced cereal, it is more. From the crunch to the sweet center, it feels almost like having dessert for breakfast. If there can be ice cream for breakfast, this over-the-top treat deserves equal billing.  

While it is billed as a cereal, there are many more possibilities to discover beyond that particular bowl. It is delicious in a sweet and salty snack mix.

Whether it is a handful of roasted peanuts to some salty pretzels, the combinations are many. Although it sounds absurd, a little spicy snack with the Cocoa Puffs flavor is delicious. A smoky, spicy note with that chocolate is definitely a “rich” flavor moment.  The concept works with the Cinnamon Toast Crunch flavor, too. Anyone who remembers CinnaFuego from Cinnamon Toast Crunch appreciates that combination.

On the other hand, these cereals work well with desserts. From a topping to a cake to ice cream shake, the recipe ideas are many. In some ways, it might be the modern version of cookies and cream. That cream center is reminiscent of a classic sandwich cookie.  

One word of note, it is best to keep the cereal pieces whole. Even if there can be a broken piece in the bottom of the bag, the complete bite is more enjoyable.  

General Mills Loaded Cereal is available in stores now. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.