Get Maine Lobster and Momofuku elevate classic lobster dishes

Get Maine Lobster and Momofuku collaboration
Get Maine Lobster and Momofuku collaboration / Get Maine Lobster

Fresh, subtly sweet lobster paired with vibrant, spicy ingredients makes the palate excited. To kick off the summer, Get Maine Lobster and Momofuku collaborate on two special offerings that will have people pushing aside that plain drawn butter.

Whether served steamed or piled high in a roll, many people crave lobster. A food simply delicious on its own, the seafood can be transformed in many ways. From the base of a scrumptious soup to knuckle pieces sitting on top of a risotto, people always are delighted when it arrives on the plate.

While Get Maine Lobster offers some of the freshest, most beautiful, and delicious lobster shipped directly to the consumer, the company understands that some people are looking for a new, creative flavor combination for that crustacean. Sometimes a little chef inspiration has people cracking that claw a little differently.

Get Main Lobster has partnered with Momofuku on two special offerings. Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tails and Wasabi Yuzu Lobster Roll. The two offerings are inspired by some of David Chang’s iconic dishes. Without overpowering the delicate, sweet lobster, the bold flavors ignite a conversation around the table.

As  Mark Murrell, CEO of Get Maine Lobster said, “We’re all about coming up with creative and unexpected ways to incorporate seafood into dishes, and making the at-home dining experience even more elevated and enjoyable.”

Available now, the Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tails are a take on a seafood boil and one of Chang’s famous dishes, Sichuan crawfish. The heat from the chili’s offers a punch yet the butter helps to keep the flavor from becoming overbearing. It is a like a slow burn that invites a second, third and more bites.

With this easy to prepare offering, the home cook can put dinner on the table in about 10 minutes. As the lobster tails arrive to the table, the aroma will have everyone salivating.

While the serving suggestion is some chopped herbs or scallions as a garnish, the meal would benefit from some baguette to soak up any extra butter. Or, consider serving some plain rice as a base for the lobster. Either option ensures that no butter is wasted.

Starting on June 6, the Wasabi Yuzu Lobster Roll is a game changer. Described as “wasabi meets umami-rich kewpie mayo” that bold flavor will instantly hit the palate. As the yuzu infused remoulade tempers the spice, the combination is unlike any other offering available.

Using the yuzu is a more vibrant citrus note. Never veering too far into a potent pucker, the yuzu will have people considering pushing that classic lemon slice off the table.

This Get Maine Lobster collaboration serves as inspiration for anyone. From switching the citrus component to stirring a little chili crunch into a drawn butter, there are plenty of ways to invigorate the classic lobster dishes.

More information on these food offerings, pricing, and availability can be found on the Get Maine Lobster website. Additionally, the food brand offers a wide array of Maine seafood.