Gopuff expands its Basically private label line to satisfy growing demand

Gopuff Basically private label brand
Gopuff Basically private label brand / Gopuff

Gopuff continues to innovate its brand and expand its partnerships. As consumer demand for private label products grows, Gopuff’s Basically private label line adds more options across various categories.

The Basically private label line focuses on high-quality, high-value everyday essentials. While Gopuff has hit a sweet spot in the connection between quality, convenience, and value, the company understands that consumers are shop savvy. As companies start to slash prices, the battle over the dollars spent is fierce.

According to company statistics, 20% of Gopuff orders include at least one private label product. Whether it is a swap for a more expensive brand name or a preference for the Basically item, there is no longer a stigma associated with private label. People happily put it in their cart.

With a 70% year over year sales increase for private label, Gopuff appreciates that the segment was ripe for expansion. As Bri Waldoch, Director of Private Label at Gopuff said, “Our private label products have consistently ranked among Gopuff’s most-ordered items since they first launched two years ago. So today, we’re excited to bring to life an even wider assortment of high-quality, affordable and delicious products we know our customers will love — each item specifically designed with Gopuff customers’ unique tastes and preferences in mind.”

What new products join the Gopuff Basically private label line?

As part of this line expansion, Gopuff focused on food and items that fit into consumers’ preferences. For example, people prefer products that have less artificial ingredients. The gluten-free Beef Sticks are made with 100% USA Beef and no synthetic nitrates, nitrites, artificial flavors or preservatives. That is an example how the company finds a way to fill that gap in the line.

Additionally, consumers want premium food without the high cost. Gopuff expanded its snack line to include trending flavors and foods. No one will have to have FOMO when there is a cost-effective item available to purchase.

Lastly, Gopuff appreciates that innovation and trends need to be part of the conversation. For example, the Freeze-Dried Candy is a great example how it can take a popular trend and make it approachable for a wider audience.

In conjunction with the expansion, the line will get more exposure on the platform. The special shop within the app gives consumers a chance to become more familiar with the brand refresh.

From the quick delivery in as fast as 15 minutes to the savings accumulated in every order, Gopuff has found a loyal audience and will continue to innovative its offerings in order to serve the guest better.