Gopuff partners with Misfits Market and the impact is more than just groceries

Gopuff announces Misfits Market partnership
Gopuff announces Misfits Market partnership / Gopuff

While Gopuff has captured consumers’ attention by being a leading instant delivery service, its recent partnership agreement with Misfits Market adds another element beyond the fresh groceries delivered to the doorstep. Bringing together delivery efficiency, cost effective offerings, and conscious consumerism could be the winning combination to make Gopuff soar to the top of the chain.

Over the years, Gopuff has sought to be different in the delivery space. While its recent FAM offerings have reduced cost and speed up efficiency, the company’s brand partnerships add another layer to the company’s approach.

From unique, celebrity backed offerings to creative campaigns, the company seems to appreciate that a loyal consumer requires more than just a good deal. Aligning with people’s lifestyles, beliefs, and agendas can make the click and buy decision an easy one.

With the recent partnership with Misfits Market, Gopuff not only expands its fresh grocery delivery option, but it puts another conversation in play, food waste and conscious consumerism. In addition to offering a great service at a good value, the additional component will be a draw for many people.

Speaking about the latest business development, Yakir Gola, Gopuff co-founder and co-CEO said, “We are thrilled to unveil our Fresh Grocery initiative today. By capitalizing on our vertically integrated model and expansive scale, Gopuff is uniquely equipped to deliver high-quality fresh produce and groceries at very affordable prices. We are proud to partner with Misfits Market to make it possible for our customers to get 300+ fruits, vegetables, dairy, poultry items, fresh bread and more in as fast as 15 minutes. The addition of grocery on top of the 5,000 everyday essentials Gopuff already carries brings us one step closer in achieving our mission of maximizing every moment in our customers lives and marks a transformative advancement for our customers.”

While the Fresh Grocery initiative and maximizing every moment is key to the Gopuff model, this partnership is more than just those two aspects. The company could have partnered with a multitude of other brands to accomplish this goal.

Misfits Market has and continues to put the reduction of food waste as a priority. In addition, sustainable and high-quality groceries have been part of the brand. Given that many consumers seek to align their purchases with their beliefs, Misfits Market has found a way to grow even during difficult times.

By combining forces with Gopuff, the pair can work together to achieve another goal, cost effective groceries on a large scale. It might not be as simplistic as the old school commercial of membership has its privileges. But, group buying power and scale can have benefits. If this partnership continues to offer high quality products at an affordable price point, everyone wins.

The Gopuff and Misfits Market partnership will launch with more than 300 Fresh Grocery items. The program will not only offer cost-effective choices but will assist in offering fresh food options in areas that may have limited accessibility.