Gordon Ramsay turns his Last Meals into a flavorful discussion

Gordon Ramsay on Last Meals with Josh Scherer
Gordon Ramsay on Last Meals with Josh Scherer / Katrina “Chappie” Chaput/Last Meals

When Mythical Chef Josh Scherer welcomes guests to Last Meals, the multicourse feast is more than just delicious food worthy of the occasion. As seen in the Gordon Ramsay interview, the celebrated chef reminisces about pivotal life moments that set him on quest to achieve.  

Both within the culinary world and pop culture, Gordon Ramsay gets people to talk. Long before his fiery barbs were internet memes, his food had people taking notice. While his list of accolades are greater than many of his peers, he has never stopped pursuing more. From restaurant expansion to helping the next generation of culinary talent, it seems as if Ramsay will always be part of the conversation.  

During the recent episode of Last Meals, Scherer welcomed Ramsay to the table with a feast that might be more similar to a week’s worth of meals. From a full English breakfast to the infamous Beef Wellington, some of the dishes might have been expected. Luckily, a few of the less likely food offerings gave a little more insight into the chef’s quest to always be learning.  

One of the dishes, a butter chicken, came with a special explanation. While much is known about Ramsay’s rise through the culinary world, it was the moment where he shared how eating curry with kitchen staff taught him a better appreciation of flavor. More importantly, it was that experience which encourages him to immerse himself in experiences that allow for authentic appreciation of cultures, cuisines, and traditions.  

While the extended interview offers tremendous insight into Ramsay’s culinary experience, how restaurants have evolved, and even his perspective on being a father, one discussion could change how people look and think about chefs. Although kitchen culture has evolved and is still a work in progress, one analogy seemed very telling.  

Check out this Gordon Ramsay clip from Last Meals.  

The idea of chefs being similar to professional athletes is an analogy that is not a common concept. Beyond the silly antidote of never trusting a skinny chef, many people might not think of the stamina, determination and sacrifice that it takes to choose that profession. Long hours are common place. Upward mobility is minimal. Time spent away from family and friends is great.  

Although many chefs are driven by the desire to showcase hospitality and present food that has people remembering a meal for years to come, it is not a life for the undetermined. Those chefs who truly aspire to change the culinary landscape are driven not by the stars on the door or the followers on a social media account. Watching people eat a meal that changes their lives or presenting a dish that pushes the food conversation in a new direction can be quite fulfilling.  

What is next for Gordon Ramsay? From his FOX television shows to new restaurants to another great adventure, the list is long. Needless to say, this meal was far from his last.  

Last Meals is part of Mythical Kitchen’s programming. The series has hosted a wide array of celebrities, including Padma Lakshmi, Tom Hanks and others. All episodes can be streamed on its YouTube channel.