Raise a glass to the Great American Eclipse with these themed beverages

Casey Jones Distillery offerings
Casey Jones Distillery offerings / Casey Jones Distillery

With those glasses ready and the countdown quickening, the Great American Eclipse is here. Eyes might be towards the sky, but these theme beverages are the perfect toast for total darkness.

The celestial moment has brought eclipse fever to everyone. From restaurant deals to special food offerings, everyone is joining the once in a lifetime moment. While those lucky enough to be in the path of totality (and hopefully no cloud cover interruptions), the event will be one to remember for the ages.

Since everyone wants to have a connection to the highly anticipated event, theme beverages are taking over the conversation. From potent potables to energy beverages, the refreshment covers every angle.

For example, Blue Moon took a simple idea and ran with it. Its Solar Sips, that have a little extra sparkle in the glass, is an idea that can transform any beverage. A little gold dust can bring the glow up with just a little swirl.  One word of caution, lighter colored beverages might make that golden sparkle shine more brightly.

Celsius Space Vibe trilogy uses its three flavors to embrace the special moment. The three flavors in this offering are Sparkling Cosmic Vibe, Sparkling Astro Vibe, and Sparkling Galaxy Vibe. While energy boosting might have some people feeling like they can jump to the heavens, the flavors are rooted in familiar tastes that people love.

For example, the Sparkling Cosmic Vibe is a zesty, fruity and sweet combination. Combining citrus and berries, it hits the right balance of tangy and tart.

The other two flavors, Sparkling Astro Vibe and Sparking Galaxy Vibe capture the summertime fun of simple refreshment. From classic strawberry and watermelon to bold blue raspberry, the beverages have a touch of exuberance that makes any day more exciting.

Casey Jones Distillery launched a special release, Total Eclipse Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and re-released its Total Eclipse Moonshine. The small batch bourbon has a hint of sweetness. With a little citrus and a slight pecan nut finish, the touch of toasted oak makes this bourbon quite approachable. It will have people staring at the glass trying to figure out all the nuances.

The return of the Total Eclipse Moonshine has many people excited. Anyone who had tried the spirit in the Moonarita remembers the out of this world taste. Some people might want to stock up to ensure that there is a bottle for another special event.

For drinkers who prefer a cocktail with a more colorful approach, the Deep Eddy Eclipse has that wow factor. Created by Deep Eddy Vodka Tasting Room, Spirit Specialist, David Seidl, the visual is impressive but the flavor is approachable. Even though it might take a steady hand to keep those ingredients from blending, it is worth the effort.

Here’s how to make a Deep Eddy Eclipse.


1 oz Deep Eddy Original

0.75 oz Orange Juice

0..25 oz Lime Juice

0.5 oz Grenadine

Peaflower Tea (Top)

Blood Orange Half Moon garnish


Combine Deep Eddy Original, lime juice, orange juice, and grenadine into a Collins glass. Add ice to the top of the glass, and then float peaflower tea to the top. Garnish with a blood orange half moon.

For those people who prefer to leave the mixology to the experience Glass Bar Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood has a great option that is always available. The Light Show might not necessarily be as bright as the lights on The Strip, but it is a taste that is a show stopper.

 Light Show


Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint

Blue Curaçao

Fever‑Tree Tonic Water


Shake and strain

The Great American Eclipse is here and it is time to celebrate. Food, beverages, and good times are waiting to be had. Just remember to keep those eyes protected during the big event.