Grubhub and Starbucks partnership solves a key consumer concern

Grubhub and Starbucks launch new partnership
Grubhub and Starbucks launch new partnership / Starbucks

Demand for Starbucks is popping. From its first blue drink to the classic Mocha, consumers are continually thirsting for their favorite beverages from the coffee juggernaut. While the new Grubhub partnership has many people cheering, one element ensures that the beverage tastes better.

As food delivery apps compete to earn consumers’ purchases, each company tries to carve out a niche in that crowded space. Savings on memberships, special food partnerships, and even unique private brands hope to entice that coveted sale.

For the person who wants to avoid the drive-thru, Starbucks has and will continue to be a popular food delivery order. According to Grubhub, the coffee store was “most searched merchant not yet available on Grubhub's Marketplace.” With the recent change, now Grubhub users can satisfy that craving for the mid-afternoon Frappuccino.

According to Meg Mathes, vice president of digital experiences at Starbucks, “Customer demand to get Starbucks delivered continues to increase, as evidenced by double-digit growth in the U.S. delivery business this past quarter, indicating that our customers continue to want convenience in their everyday lives. Our new partnership with Grubhub will help fuel this growth by increasing availability of Starbucks products to Grubhub's tens of millions of customers, via a leading delivery provider."

While delivery is convenient, consumers want the hot, fresh food arriving at their door. Grubhub specifically stated in the announcement that it is working to ensure that delivery is as quick as possible.

Additionally, the Starbucks delivery will come with two-cup to-go trays and improved shopper bags. The idea is to ensure that the delivered product is the same as the in-store experience.

Given that Grubhub often works with its partners to offer special promotions, it will be interesting to see how this partnership leverages that idea. Whether it is discount for a food holiday, exclusive access to a new menu item, or another concept, these types of unique offers could have people signing up for the Grubhub+ membership. As more people are coming to appreciate, membership does have its privileges.

Thirsty for more Starbucks? Satisfy that craving by pushing a button on that Grubhub app.