Heinz Harissa Aioli is a flavorful alternative to ketchup

Limited edition Heinz sauces, Harissa Aioli and Black Garlic Ranch
Limited edition Heinz sauces, Harissa Aioli and Black Garlic Ranch / Heinz

After the huge response to last summer’s sauce drops, Heinz Harissa Aioli and Heinz Black Garlic Ranch are back. It is time to push aside ketchup and get drizzling with these more flavorful condiments.

Global flavors continue to influence favorite foods. The snack aisle has been infused with bold spices and tangy temptations. Restaurant menus have embraced the swicy flavor trend. Basically, if a dish is bland, that boring take has been booted from the table.

Last year, Heinz “dropped” six different sauces. These condiments were special offerings at some restaurants. People ran to get that first dollop. When the limited time offering was gone, people still hungered for more.

Now, two of the special offerings are back for everyone to enjoy, Heinz Harissa Aioli and Heinz Black Garlic Ranch. Cooks are ready to experiment with the deliciousness that these sauces offer.

As Katie Peterson, Director of HEINZ Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company said, “Last summer, social media was buzzing when we tested our limited-edition ‘sauce drops’ in a few key restaurant chains around the country. Our feed was filled with comments from fans who loved the sauces, as well as those who were clamoring to get their hands on them. Seeing the irrational love the drops generated – particularly Black Garlic Ranch and Harissa Aioli – we knew we had to bring these products to store shelves nationwide so the rest of the country to enjoy them.”

Heinz Harissa Aioli and Black Garlic Ranch
Limited edition Heinz sauces, Harissa Aioli and Black Garlic Ranch / Heinz

Heinz Harissa Aioli and Heinz Black Garlic Ranch will be the condiments of the summer

Looking at the two sauces, the Heinz offerings take traditional condiments and add a twist. For example, the Harissa Aioli brings the smoky African red pepper flavor. While there is an underlying spice, it is still approachable. Many chefs use harissa in tomato based sauces for added depth without totally overpowering the tomato flavor.

To be clear, an aioli is not necessarily a ketchup like condiment, but the oil olive and garlic based sauce is slightly similar. It has more viscosity and versatility than a traditional ketchup. Some people might think of this idea like combining ketchup and mayonnaise into a version of that “special sauce.”

Enhanced ketchup flavors are not necessarily a new idea. Several years back, gochujang ketchup was all the rage. Who hasn’t added some Frank’s Red Hot to a traditional ketchup.

In contrast, the Heinz Black Garlic Ranch feels more like an elevated restaurant offering. Black garlic is a popular chef-inspired ingredient, but it can be difficult for the home cook to use effectively. This pre-made condiment brings the flavor without the effort.

While ranch comes in a myriad of flavor enhancements, this Heinz offering is more than just a squeeze on a chicken sandwich or a dip for those fries. It could be the flavor enhancement for a pasta salad or even ingredient to keep a white fish moist and flakey.

As these new Heinz sauces hit the shelf, it has everyone wondering what will be the next food launch. Could there be some Caribbean flavors next?

The Heinz Harissa Aioli is available exclusively at Target. The Heinz Black Garlic Ranch is available exclusively at Walmart. Check with stores for pricing and availability.