Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 14: Mastering the pass, exclusive clip

Hell's Kitchen Season 22, episode 14, “Don’t Be Fooled“
Hell's Kitchen Season 22, episode 14, “Don’t Be Fooled“ / FOX

With four chefs hoping to open that door to a role in the Gordon Ramsay restaurant world, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 14 puts their executive chef skills to the test. In this exclusive clip, one chef is ready to catch that incorrect ingredient.  

Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 has been full of twists and turns. While no one expected six chefs to get black jackets, last episode’s double elimination was a shock, too. As Carmen, Johnathan, Ryan, and Sammi hope to make the last push to the finale, the path is not an easy one.  

According to FOX, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 14, “Don’t Be Fooled” features the following:  

"It's a race to the finale, as the chefs are faced with a Hell’s Kitchen Grand Prix challenge with a twist. During dinner service, the chefs are put to the test to see if they have the attention to detail it takes to run a kitchen with a few tricks thrown in by Chef Ramsay. Tasked with impressing guest diners including NY Jets Solomon Thomas, Superstore’s Lauren Ash, Hot One’s Host Sean Evan and former Journey lead singer Jeff Scott Soto, find out which chefs will be taking a victory lap, and which ones will fall flat in the all-new “Don’t Be Fooled” episode of Hell’s Kitchen airing Thursday, Jan. 18 (8:00 PM - 9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX."

Each season, the Hell’s Kitchen Executive Chef challenge, where each chef takes a turn at the pass, is a big factor in determining which chef moves into the next round. If a chef cannot spot that sabotage, they should not have that role.  

In this exclusive clip, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 14 shows Johnathan’s attention to detail.  


The previous episode was a rough day in the kitchen for Johnathan. Being reprimanded by Gordon Ramsay put him in a bad mental state. It might sound silly, but chef’s emotions and mental fortitude can be seen in the food that they prepare.  

Chef Ramsay once commented that he believes chefs are like athletes. When someone is having an off day, it can be seen on the plate. Unfortunately, the chefs cannot have a bad day in Hell’s Kitchen.  

Predicting which chefs will make the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 finale is difficult. Even though Ryan has been a favorite, it is not a forgone conclusion. Johnathan has had ups and downs. Sammi impressed to earn her black jacket. Carmen has creative flavors. It really is up for grabs.  

Which chefs have eagle eyes at the pass? Be sure to watch Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 14, “Don’t Be Fooled” Thursday, January 18 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. The episode can be streamed the next day on Hulu.