Hell’s Kitchen American Dream black jacket surprise twist

Hell's Kitchen American Dream black jacket episode
Hell's Kitchen American Dream black jacket episode / FOX

As Season 22 heads to its cumulation, the Hell’s Kitchen American Dream black jacket episode had a twist that no one saw coming. Although favorite chefs have been dismissed from the kitchen, everyone was hoping that the final five would be free of drama. That sentiment was partially true.  

In every Hell’s Kitchen season, fans look forward to particular episodes. Even though the signature dishes might set the tone for the competition, the blind taste test gives insight to the chefs’ palate. The episode where the chefs earn their black jackets is always a highlight.  

To kick off the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 12, the seven remaining chefs are told that there are five black jackets up for grabs. Over a series of challenges, the chefs would compete to earn one. The concept is simple, the best dish or dishes earns the prize and the remaining chefs continue to cook. No one wanted to be in that final three round.  

For the first cook, the chefs had the same ingredients, which were determined by a roll of the dice. Some Hell’s Kitchen fans might have recalled the Las Vegas reference with this prop. Although some people might not have wanted turnips, the reality is that the challenge looks to showcase how the chefs handle the absurdity of the abundance.  

Eight ingredients that might not necessarily go together. Few people would put broccoli, turnips, and truffle in a dish. Finding some common thread was key.  

Even if Gordon Ramsay picked the protein, halibut, the seven dishes were incredibly diverse. When Johnathan presented his halibut, it was clear that he would earn a black jacket. It was elegantly presented and the flavors were impeccable. He was the first chef to earn the prize.  

Joining Jonathan from the first round was Sammi. Her dish was lovely and showed a lot of creativity.  

For the second round, it tested the chefs’ adaptability. The chaos of grabbing elements from display looked more like a bad Black Friday sale. For the chef who got last grabs, he was definitely on the bad side of lady luck.  

Ryan definitely had the worst ingredients of the bunch. There was no way where he could make a lobster and chickpea dish work. Maybe if he had fried the chicken peas for a textural component instead of making a puree, it might have been better. It was clear he would be fighting for the last jacket.  

Dahmere impressed with his sea bass. It was perfectly cooked and all the flavors worked well together. He earned his jacket.  

In a twist, the next chef earning the Hell’s Kitchen American Dream black jacket was Carmen. Even though no one liked her turnip choice in the first round, her dish surprised Gordon Ramsay.  

Unfortunately, that left Leigh, Ryan, and Jason as the final three. With only one more black jacket up for grabs, many people hoped that Jason would not be the chef earning that honor.  

For the final round, the chefs could choose any dish that they wanted to cook. It would give Gordon Ramsay insight into them as cook and as a person.  

Ryan’s dish was quite telling. He decided to make a filled pasta. There was no protein on his plate. It was a dish that showed restraint and confidence.  

Leigh presented lamb with mushy peas. She might have been playing up English food, but it did show an appreciation to simplicity. After recovering from undercooking the lamb, she presented a lovely dish.  

Jason finally showcased a dish that would be worthy of an execute chef title. It was dedicatedly plated and had layers of flavor. If Jason had presented this type of dish throughout the season, he would have had everyone silenced.  

But, Jason was the first chef sent home. Leigh received the fifth black jacket.  

In a big Hell’s Kitchen American Dream black jacket surprise, Ryan also received the coveted honor. Six chefs move onto the next round.  

How will this outcome play out through the rest of the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 remains to be seen. The finale has always been two chefs facing off. Could a double elimination happen in the near future?  

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