Hell’s Kitchen Season 22: Which chefs made the finale?

Hell's Kitchen Season 22 episode 14 dinner service
Hell's Kitchen Season 22 episode 14 dinner service / FOX

With four chefs counting the days till one door opens to a huge opportunity within the Gordon Ramsay restaurant emption, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 finale is set. Which chefs will cook another day and be one step closer to the American Dream of winning the FOX culinary competition?  

For the first challenge, the chefs had an opportunity to earn a pop-up restaurant at the Sunseeker resort in Port Charlotte, Florida. While some chefs had coastal Florida flavors on their mind, others might have had a different perspective.  

After racing around the track to fill their carts with the perfect ingredients, a Hell’s Kitchen twist sought to test how the chefs adapt under pressure. The chefs had to switch carts and come up with dishes on the fly.  

Sammi impressed out of the gate with her grilled mahi mahi and corn salad. Chef Ramsay described the dish as fragrant and zesty.  

Ryan followed but his swordfish did not bump Sammi from her spot. His fish needed salt. It seems that Ryan and swordfish are not fish friends.  

Carmen looked to bump Sammi from that lead position. Even though she wanted to cook with Peruvian ingredients, her pan seared flouder with bok choy was a winner. But, could she outlast Johnathan.  

The final dish was Johnathan’s crab cake with aji amarillo. The crab cake was near perfection and earned him the win.  

Which chef spotted the sabotage to make the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 finale?  

When Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 began, 18 chefs dreamed to make the finale. With three spots available, one of the final four would come up just short.  

For this dinner service, each chef had to take a turn at the pass. While Chef Ramsay had sabotages waiting at every turn, the chefs made few mistakes. Although Johnathan missed the artic char for the salmon and Sammi missed the sea bass for the halibut, the mistakes were few.  

Overall, it was clear that Ryan commanded the pass. His voice had authority. Although he made mistakes cooking lobster, his ability to lead in the kitchen was clear. Ryan was the first chef put through to the finale.  

Johnathan has been consistent throughout Hell’s Kitchen Season 22. Even though he missed one sabotage, his win in the reward challenge earned him a little leeway. Johnathan was the second chef through to the finale.  

With only one spot remaining, it was between Sammi and Carmen. Both chefs have proven themselves through the culinary competition. Even in this final challenge, both chefs were relatively even.  

The decision came down to one clear difference, experience. Since Carmen has only been cooking for a year, she was not quite ready for the opportunity to become Gordon Ramsay’s head chef. Sammi is the third chef in the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 finale.  

When Chef Ramsay said goodbye to Carmen, he allowed her to keep her chef’s coat. Her creativity and passion is clear. Once she spends more time in professional kitchens, she will be a force.  

Which chef will open the door to the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 winner title? Be sure to watch the finale Thursday, January 25 at 8 p.m. ET or stream the next day on Hulu.