Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13: Appearances are everything, exclusive clip

Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13, Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Meehan and Jonathan
Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13, Gordon Ramsay, Kevin Meehan and Jonathan / FOX

After six chefs earned their black jackets, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13 puts a different challenge on the plate. It is all about the appearances in this challenge. As seen in this exclusive clip, Gordon Ramsay and his special guest judge make a clear statement about his expectations.  

According to FOX, Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13, “#HellishHangover” features the following:  

"After a wild night, it is back to the kitchen, where the chefs learn that influence can make or break their future when they prepare to impress Chef Ramsey’s 100 million social media followers in the presentation challenge. During dinner service, the chefs attempt to impress guests with renowned influence including, actors Kate Flannery, Mary Lynn Rajskub, singer Gavin Rossdale and RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen. After many mistakes on each station, Gordon makes a shocking decision on the all-new “#HellishHangover” episode of Hell’s Kitchen airing Thursday, January 11 (8:00 PM - 9:00 PM) on FOX." 

Even though Gordon Ramsay’s grilled cheese video might have received some vocal disapproval a long time ago, many people cannot get enough of his social media accounts. Whether it is a demonstration to create the perfect scrambled egg or a visually impeccable dish from one of his hugely successful restaurants, everyone seems to stop their scrolling to stare at the image.  

While the chefs are tasked to create that visually compelling image on the screen, the challenge must impress in real life, too. The image might get a guest to book a reservation, but the meal presented at the table better deliver on that promise.

In this exclusive clip provided to FoodSided, Gordon Ramsay and Chef Kevin Meehan of Michelin starred Kali give some insight to demeanor in the kitchen.  

Although everyone will have a good chuckle about Gordon Ramsay rarely raising his voice in the kitchen, the two celebrated chefs may not be as different as the vocal implication applies. A prolonged silence can be as chilling as a boisterous retort. It is the respect that an executive chef demands that compels the best from his kitchen, not the volume level.  

To earn praise from both Ramsay and Meehan, the Hell’s Kitchen chefs will not only need to plate visually impressive dish but also ensure that the bite is balanced and flavorful. For the visual, there needs to be textures, colors, and depth. A monotone, brown blob will definitely get be pushed aside for a vibrant, well-composed plate that wows at first glance.  

The old saying about eating with your eyes might be overused, but food is best when it appeals to all the senses. It is one of the reasons why the blind taste test confuses the chefs. Seeing food creates an anticipate before the fork hits the mouth.  

Which chef will impress in this visually-centric challenge? Tune into Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 episode 13 Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. Episodes can be streamed the next day on HULU.