Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 winner epitomized the essence of the American Dream

After a season of hoping that the American Dream would come true, the Hell's Kitchen Season 22 winner turned a dream into reality. This chef has a place in the Gordon Ramsay empire waiting.
Hell's Kitchen Season 22 winner
Hell's Kitchen Season 22 winner / FOX

While three chefs entered the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 finale, only one person opened the door to an incredible opportunity within the Gordon Ramsay restaurant empire. For the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 winner, the American Dream was fulfilled.  

Going into the Hell's Kitchen Season 22 finale, Johnathan, Ryan, and Sammi all hoped that confetti would rain down and change their life forever. While each one was deserving of the Hell’s Kitchen title, the reality is only one would have their dream fulfilled.  

Before the last service in Hell’s Kitchen, the three chefs had to be cut to just two. Each chef presented their epic five-course meal to a variety of celebrity judges. From cold appetizers to an epic meat course, these dishes needed to show both a smart progression of flavors but also give a glimpse into their culinary point of view.  

Overall, all three chefs impressed the long list of celebrity chef judges. In truth, it was just a point or two that separated the finale from leaving the culinary competition. Every dish was impeccable. Only positive feedback was part of the conversation. The judges were picking apart plates that deserve high praise.  

Earning the first spot in the finale was Ryan. With nearly a perfect score, his dishes showcased both his technical expertise but had a nod to his Irish roots. The concepts were elevated but still had heart.  

Sammi and Johnathan battled for the final spot. It came down to just one point difference and Johnathan earned the second spot in the finale.  

Although some people might have predicted that Ryan and Johnathan had a strong opportunity to make the finale, they cannot earn the win on their own. It requires a strong kitchen brigade to execute a seamless dinner service.

With returning chefs joining the line, Johnathan and Ryan needed to drive their team to the win. Neither chef was working a position. It was how they managed those other chefs and led their way to a victory which would make the difference.  

Looking at Ryan’s kitchen, the group started strong. Appetizers seemed to getting out quickly, but Jason’s presence on the line can be a little chaotic. Cooking mistakes happened and tensions were high. No one can allow egos nor imperfections to negatively affect the final product.  

In Johnathan’s kitchen, the appetizers were equally as smooth. The mistakes were definitely left off the ticket.  

Unfortunately, the entree course was not as seamless. Johnathan had to make a major switch to his meat station. After too many errors and simple mistakes, the reality is that he needed to make tough decisions. Luckily, the meat station swap was the right move.  

Ryan had some bumps in the road, too. Under cooked chicken and under-seasoned pasta water were mistakes that should not happen. But, Ryan took control of the kitchen and pushed the chefs to do better.  

Overall, the two dinners might have been very different approaches to flavor, but both meals were expressions from the heart. More importantly, the whole team was willing and ready to help drive their head chef to victory. It took a total effort to earn that victory.  

After the comment cards were tallied, the dinners were basically even. The chefs' challenge might have been over, but the difficult task of picking a winner was more than just two hours of serving happy diners impeccable food.  

Overall, the Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 winner was chosen because he was the total package. From creativity in presenting innovative flavor profiles to serving a piece of his heart on the plate, the first food bite made people react in a meaningful way.  

In addition, that chef proved himself on the pass. His voice was clear, he motivated the brigade, and he ensured that every plate was perfect. It was not just luck that the title would be his.  

The Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 winner was Ryan. The Irishman earned his American Dream. While he might had come to the U.S. with pennies in his pocket, he walked away with the ultimate reward from Gordon Ramsay.