HHN 33 Premium Scream Night is a game changer for Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando
Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando / Cristine Struble

As horror fans seek the cover of darkness and the lure of the fog, a new experience could be the most coveted ticket for Halloween fans. HHN 33 Premium Scream Night is the ultimate VIP experience.

Before the videos are posted to YouTube or the photos are leaked on Instagram, many people want to be frightened, really frightened by the Halloween Horror Nights experience. Even though the speculation maps theorize the houses and scarezones, all those words are not the same as the jump, pause, and pit in the stomach as you round the corner to the next nightmare.

For the first time, HHN 33 Premium Scream Night is the ultimate preview experience. Before the gates unleash the throngs of guests into the spooky event, anyone can purchase a ticket to the ultimate, all-inclusive fright feast. Instead of buying that RIP Tour for opening night, this ticket might be more coveted.

According to Universal Orlando, the Premium Scream Night features first access to the 10 haunted houses, five scare zones, and all the curated entertainment. Additionally, the event will offer a first taste of themed food and non-alcoholic beverages.

The unlimited food and beverage perk alongside the preview might be worth the higher ticket cost. All the frights often gets people hungry at the event, and food costs do add up.

This idea is a game changer not only for Universal Orlando but also for theme parks. Many annual passholders clamor over the opportunity to get a sneak peak at certain new attractions, lands, and restaurants. It is often considered a perk of that “passholder” status.

While those special perks are a benefit for passholders, theme parks serve a wider audience. The passholder might have extreme loyalty, but a special event or a big opening needs buzz beyond the tried and true guest.

From the content creator whose followers absorb every reel to the person willing to spend extra to be there first, there are a long line of people willing to pay for the special experience. Just like the bankroll required to get behind the red rope, the choice to pay extra for the privilege is part of some people’s personas.

Although Premium Scream Night tickets do not go on sale till June 6, it seems likely that HHN fans will be hovering over the “purchase” button. Even at $350/a ticket, the value to them is immeasurable.

Given the potential success of this specially ticketed preview event, it might signal a future trend. Could pay to play preview events happen for the highly anticipated Epic Universe? Only time will tell.

Tickets for HHN 33 Premium Scream Night are $350 or $325 for annual passholders. Sales begin on June 6, 2024, while supplies last. The special event will be held on August 29. Halloween Horror Nights 33 opens on August 30, 2024 and runs on selected nights through November 3, 2024.