Hi-Chew breaks open a new shape with Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs

Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs
Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs / Hi-Chew

With springtime around the corner, Easter candy is starting to fill shelves. The bunny will be hopping to get a new treat, Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs.

While the kids love searching for eggs during the seasonal hunts, others prefer to have their “eggs” placed front and center on the table. Even though colorful, decorated eggs are a springtime staple, the shape often transforms favorite foods for the occasion. Candies often take on that oval shape to bring a little extra fun to the celebration.

The new Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs have taken on that egg-shape trend. The bite-sized, unwrapped chewlets are tasty, easy ways to add a little extra fruity sweetness to the season. Whether it is a larger egg-shaped container sitting in the middle of a basket or hiding some chewlets into plastic eggs for that hunt, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the new seasonal candy.

Available in three flavors, mango, green apple, and strawberry, it seems that the candy brand chose these options not only because of their popularity but also for the color scheme. The pastel colored chewlets fit into the traditional lighter springtime colors.

More importantly, the flavors are bright. From the traditional juicy strawberry to the tropical mango, everyone will have a favorite. Hopefully, there are enough of each flavor for everyone to get their top pick.

While many Easter candies are transformed into other desserts, Hi-Chew is not normally part of that conversation. But, Hi-Chew candies can flavor a cocktail. With Easter brunch on the schedule, it might be a nice time to think how these candies could make that mimosa pop or add a little burst of juiciness to a seasonal mocktail. It is always important that no candy go to waste.

The new Hi-Chew Bites Easter Eggs are available at various retailers. Check with stores for pricing and availability.