High Noon Snowbird Pack is a burst of sunshine on a wintery day

High Noon Snowbird Pack
High Noon Snowbird Pack / High Noon

Although some people delight in the winter wonderland and revel in the snow, others prefer to escape to warm breezes and sunny skies. With the new High Noon Snowbird Pack, the taste of those toasty tropics can be cracked open one can at a time with this new hard seltzer variety pack, which includes two new flavors.

For some people lucky enough to split their year in multiple locales, the snowbird concept is a simple one. Why suffer inside during the cold, dreary months when a warm, more Vitamin D conducive environment is available. Whether the getaway is quick or long-term, today’s more mobile lifestyles allow people to fly the coup to more amiable spots.  

Today, the “snowbird” concept is not limited to the Golden Girls age group. Young, old and in between are ready to ditch the scarf for a breezy kaftan. And, with those warm temperatures, there is a thirst for a refreshing beverage. High Noon is ready to come to the rescue.  

While many people would love to put on sunglasses and jump on the jet to a sunny exile, the cost might be a little prohibitive. Instead, High Noon is offering a taste of that warm weather vibe that can be enjoyed even as the snow drifts grow higher.  

Speaking to the High Noon Snowbird Pack, Brandon Lieb, VP of Spirit of Gallo said, "During the winter months, we know our fans seek that extra bit of sunshine in their day. We wanted to create a bright spot for fans with the High Noon Snowbird Pack, tailor-made for those embracing the sun-drenched snowbird life.”  

What two new flavors join the High Noon Snowbird Pack?  

The launch of the High Noon Snowbird Pack combines two fan favorite flavors with two new flavors. The four flavors are Lemon, Peach, Plum, and Raspberry. Plum and Raspberry are the new flavors.  

The plum offering is a unique choice. While plum might be a late summer stone fruit that captures the concept of warm sunny days, it is not a typical choice for beverages. The juiciness comes through in a lovely way, but it is more than just that freshness. There is a hint of sweetness that makes it quite enticing. It invites a slow, lingering sip, similar to the relaxation felt on a summer day.  

While many people will enjoy the High Noon straight from the can, pouring it into a glass with a simple garnish can be quite enjoyable. Since fresh plums might not be readily available, citrus fruits complement the flavor. Plus, a tiny umbrella holding that orange or lemon wedge can help bring that summery vibe.  

The raspberry flavor has a lovely contrast of sweet and tart. Without being too pucker forward, the tartness adds to the crispness. In its own way, the captures that refreshment thirsted for on a warm day.  

When serving this flavor, consider a zesty lime wedge with the raspberry. Or, consider going in a totally different direction by muddling some mint leaves in the bottom of the glass for an extra burst of refreshment.  

The High Noon Snowbird Pack is hitting store shelves this month. The 8-pack has a suggested retail price of $19.99. Each can has a 4.5% ABV and is just 100 calories.