Hostess HoneyBun Donettes are the must have sweet mashup

Hostess HoneyBun Donettes
Hostess HoneyBun Donettes / Hostess

While that cup of coffee can help energize the morning, that beverage is more satisfying with tasty food to start the day. The new Hostess HoneyBun Donettes are the perfect pairing to that morning brew.  

Hostess has been a staple in many people’s breakfast routine. Whether people remember grabbing that sleeve of donettes on the way to a Saturday soccer game or they were a special treat to enjoy before a big test, the little bites always satisfied.  

Some people feel the same way about the HoneyBun. That sweet, spicy treat might have created sticky fingers, but it was worth the effort.  

With the new food mashup, Hostess HoneyBun Donettes, people are excited to start the day, enjoy an afternoon snack, or cap off the night with this new food offering. No matter when they are enjoyed, people may not want to share with anyone.  

Speaking about the new offering, Chris Balach, vice president, marketing, Sweet Baked Snacks at The J.M. Smucker Co. Said, “We know that snack lovers are increasingly seeking new flavor combinations, and the melding of distinct tastes and textures offers a unique snacking experience. The Hostess brand continues to lead in delivering mouthwatering innovations like HoneyBun Donettes that satisfy consumers’ cravings and bring joy not only to their breakfast routine, but throughout their day.” 

The key to this new food offering is that both treats come through in every bite. While the fluffy Donettes texture is clear, the HoneyBun cinnamon vanilla flavor shines, too. Whether eaten by the handful or carefully savored a nibble at a time, it is hard to not eat the whole container. 

This new product is another example of a successful blending of two Hostess brands. Previously, there was a Hostess Ding Dongs x Twinkies Mashups. Covered in that Ding Dong chocolate fudge was the spongy cake and vanilla cream. It delighted many people.  

Looking ahead, it will be interesting to see if Hostess continues this idea of food mashups across its iconic brands. Could Donettes get s Twinkies twist? Only time will tell what the food minds can create.  

The Hostess HoneyBun Donettes will be available starting in March. Check with retailers for availability and pricing.