Icelandic Provisions saddles up a new flavor, Cowboy Skyr

Icelandic Provisions Cowboy Skyr
Icelandic Provisions Cowboy Skyr / Icelandic Provisions

While many people have discovered the luscious texture and tangy flavor of Icelandic Provisions Skyr, the food brand is heading a little further south for its latest offering. Cowboy Skyr might hit all the right notes for the very limited time launch.

Some yogurt lovers have come to appreciate the flavor and textural differences with skyr. The Icelandic food has stepped beyond the island and endeared itself to a larger audience. Whether eaten as a part of a meal or incorporated into a pound cake recipe, the uses for this particular food are many.

Still, brands appreciate that they need to evolve. A nod to culture and heritage ensures that the brand will always be part of the conversation. But, joining in the pop culture conversation with new product innovation can be vital. It can be a new flavor combination or an offering that has people singing its praises loudly for all to take notice.

On April 1, Icelandic Provisions will launch Cowboy Skyr with a special flavor, Iceland Hold ‘Em. While this flavor might not be the biggest bet that the food brand has done in the Spring, but it is a remake that is less controversial than a new version of Jolene.

Even though Icelandic Provisions might not have people wondering if it is time to call on that turn or up the ante on that flavor, this special limited time offering will have people talking. Given that no one knows what it tastes like, it is curious that people are willing to roll the dice and try it.

The rise of ‘cowboy culture” is a trend that some people might not have predicted. From fashion to food, it seems that many people are ready to saddle up to the idea.

Although the Cowboy Skyr might not be available in stores, someone might take this idea and run with it. Sometimes the most unlikely ideas that appear around April 1 actually come to fruition. Until then, pony up and find the hidden track to reveal the truth about this special food offering.