IHOP Pancake of the Month flavors have guests coming back for more

While there is always room for that short stack, the new IHOP Pancake of the Month flavors have people excited to switch that order. Ready to fall in love with those IHOP pancakes all over again?  

IHOP February Pancake of the Month Chocolate Strawberry
IHOP February Pancake of the Month Chocolate Strawberry / IHOP

Many people cannot resist a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity order, but a new monthly menu item will have people switching their food order. Ready to try the IHOP Pancake of the Month?  

IHOP has done a great job leveraging specialty menu items in recent months. The colorful Wonka-inspired offerings had both young and old excited to pick up that fork.  

With the new IHOP Pancake of the Month concept, the idea gives the restaurant an opportunity to incorporate seasonal items as well as push the flavor creativity without having to rely on a movie or character. As this menu idea expands, it will be interesting to see how IHOP balances seasonality and food trends.  

Speaking to the new menu item, Chef Arthur Carl II, Vice President of Culinary, IHOP said, “IHOP is the leader in breakfast, and this program demonstrates our continued efforts and commitment to innovation by providing guests with new ways to try classic favorites and menu trends. With Pancake of the Month, our culinary team got creative in the kitchen, and developed a lineup of new flavors that brings IHOP’s world-famous pancakes to guests in a fresh way. We had a lot of fun creating the Pancake of the Month flavors and think our guests are going to love trying the new stacks each month.“ 

What is the first IHOP Pancake of the Month flavor?  

Since this new menu concept starts in February, the first IHOP Pancake of the Month flavor is Chocolate Strawberry. Those two flavors are popular during Valentine’s Day celebrations and seem like a smart choice to kick off the new menu program.  

According to IHOP, February’s pancakes, Chocolate Strawberry, feature four chocolate, chocolate chip pancakes which are topped with cheesecake mousse and sliced strawberries, drizzled with chocolate sauce, then finished with whipped topping and chocolate chips.  

These pancakes are definitely sweet. It feels almost more like a dessert than a traditional breakfast food. Then again, sometimes a special treat is warranted.  

What will be the next IHOP Pancake of the Month flavor? Be sure to check back in March. Until then, get ready to enjoy the Chocolate Strawberry flavor in February.