Instacart reveals the most popular big game snack and beverage pairing

Instacart big game snack report
Instacart big game snack report / Instacart

While the AFC will take on the NFC in the final game of the NFL season, the real battle is on the food table. The ultimate flavor showdown is ready to crown a big game snack and beverage pairing winner and Instacart is ready to bring that order directly to your door.  

The food and beverage shopping list for the big game can look a little different from that weekly haul. Whether it is serving a bigger crowd or choosing to be a little more indulgent, the shopping bag can be overfilled. Looking back at past shopping trends, Instacart found that this big game snack and beverage pairing is often a popular choice.  

While some people might be betting on rings, songs, or even unlikely outcomes, one item is always true about the big game. People want their favorite food and beverages on the table. Even though some chefs might want people to experiment with food trends or complicated recipes, the reality is that people want their favorites. When that snack bag is empty or the refrigerator shelf is bar, the guests might revolt.  

Recently, Instacart revealed its big game snacking findings. While all the usual suspects found their way onto the list, the must have, do not forget snack was tortilla chips. Although more than half of those surveyed preferred scoops, that tasty tidbit might only be part of the story.  

Tortilla chips seem to go with everything. Almost any dip can be eaten with tortilla chips. They are the base for nachos. Leftovers can be used as a topping for a taco. The contents in the bag will never go stale.  

Since every food needs a beverage pairing, Instacart found that beer is hands down the popular alcoholic beverage choice. Whether it is all the commercials that make people thirsty or that beer pairs with most food, it is an oblivious choice.  

Just remember, that beer from a year ago might not be the best choice to serve guests. There is a reason why some beers have a “born on date.” Unlike wine, most beers do not age well.  

The complete Instacart big game snacking data has plenty of information for people to devour. From snacks to beverages and preferred condiments to top dips, people’s choices are mostly what is expected. No one is opting for Carolina Reaper on their chicken wings or asking for guacamole topped with chapulines.  

For anyone who has not finished that big game shopping list, take a moment to look at Instacart’s findings. It might ensure that no snack is left behind.