Jameson raises a toast to two St. Patrick’s Day holidays this year

Jameson St. Patrick's Day celebration ideas
Jameson St. Patrick's Day celebration ideas / Jameson

Whether a person can trace their lineage back to the Emerald Isle or they might spin story courtesy of the Blarney Stone’s gift of gab, everyone is a wee bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. This year, Jameson thinks that there should be two reasons to celebrate. Ready to toast to an extra Slainte St. Patrick's Day Eve?

St. Patrick’s Day and its many celebrations have become a gathering event. Whether it is a group of friends enjoying a glass of their favorite Irish whiskey or just appreciating the view of everyone wearing green, the day is full of fun and friendship.

While some people might blow off that late afternoon teams call to enjoy an offsite meeting at a local watering hole, the 2024 St. Patrick’s Day celebration was meant to be an epic day. After too many years waiting, St. Patrick’s  Day was supposed to fall on a Saturday. Unfortunately, the Leap Year proved to be unlucky for the Irish holiday. But, Jameson has a spirited solution, St. Patrick’s Day Eve.

This year, Jameson encourages anyone to turn the Irish-centric celebration into a two day celebration with a St. Patrick’s Day Eve event. As Johan Radojewski, Vice President of Marketing, Jameson Irish Whiskey said, “Our Must be a Jameson campaign honors a community anchored by their shared lighthearted spirit, so when Leap Year skipped over a Saturday St. Patrick's Day, we did exactly what a Jameson would do: we created a completely new holiday so people can start celebrating St. Patrick's Day a little early. We teamed up with Colin Jost and Michael Che to help us seize this moment and encourage everyone to embrace St. Patrick's Eve, because they're a duo who appreciates a smooth Irish Whiskey, good company and a brand-new holiday – just like any Jameson would."

Whether people stay up to watch Weekend Update and toast to the two-day St. Patrick’s Day celebration or choose to mark the occasion in another way, Jameson has a plethora of beverage options to ensure that no glass goes empty. From the classic Irish whiskey to a new canned cocktail, it is time to think beyond the neat pour for this year’s celebration.

The new canned cocktail, Jameson Orange Spritz ready-to-drink cocktail, is a bright, almost zesty libation. While the spritz trend is not going flat anytime soon, this beverage adds a layer of convenience. It is much easier to open and pour one can than rummage around the whole bar just for a single drink.

The Jameson Orange has proven itself to be quite versatile. Beyond the spritz, it works well in a margarita or sour cocktail. For someone who might not always grab a whiskey bottle off the shelf, this flavored version can be a great introduction.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are not going to be pinched or leaped over. Jameson is ready to celebrate the entire weekend. That is a holiday update that everyone can get behind.