Jason Biggs and Edwards Desserts heat up a new take on the All-American pie, interview

Jason Biggs for Edwards Desserts
Jason Biggs for Edwards Desserts / Edwards Desserts

While Jason Biggs has portrayed many roles, he will always be associate with a pie. That iconic kitchen scene might be just a few moments of the American Pie movie, but it has become a moment that is etched in everyone’s memory as much as innuendo about band camp and the infatuation about a particular mom. In the next chapter of his Edwards Desserts partnership, Biggs and the dessert brand reimagine the All-American pie and slice a piece of tasty nostalgia can be enjoyed by everyone.

Last summer, Biggs partnered with Edwards Dessert to offer a specialty flavor. While that vibrant tropical pie was a huge hit, this summer’s collaboration takes a different approach. Whether it is Fourth of July, a weekend barbecue, or just an anytime slice, the classic pie flavors seem to satisfy more than just a sugar craving. There is something deeper, tangible, maybe even sensual about that longing to savor a pie.

Although that description might be a little much, some people might get the humor. As seen in the Edwards Desserts collaboration with Jason Biggs, it is time to take a walk down memory lane and appreciate that enjoying a pie does not always have to require a fork.

While the short clip should bring a chuckle, Biggs appreciates his connection to American Pie, the movie, will never be forgotten. Even after 25 years, those talked about moments still make people laugh.

Speaking about this collaboration with Edwards Desserts and the American Pie anniversary, Biggs said that it is the perfect partnership. He knows that he is “the pie guy” and he is unafraid to lean into that association. Plus, he appreciates that Edwards makes a tasty dessert.

With this skit, Biggs said that it was essential that everyone was in on the joke. For him, “it was about playing with the innuendo and finding content that was both organic for myself and the brand.”

As seen in the commercial, Biggs flips his role from the original movie. He explained, “I’m essentially flipping into the Eugene Levy role. It was a lot of fun, almost surreal for us to make. To be honest, we recreated the scene almost shot for shot. It is a PG version, of course.”

That honest portrayal is why both the consummate fan and the person who has never seen the movie get the joke. Even though the promotional offer is finite, the moment will continue to be part of the zeitgeist.

Since people can get a taste of Edwards Desserts special pie offering, Biggs believes that everyone will want to take a fork, nothing else, to that slice. Biggs explained, “the elevated version of the apple pie with all the fantastic ingredients, like salted caramel and white chocolate cream,” make this version absolutely delicious.

Given that fans can enter to win in honor of the movie's 25th Anniversary, we had to ask Biggs about the movie and its longevity. He said, “I think that the movie has stood the test of time for a few reasons. For the people who grew up with the movie, it is obviously nostalgic. It brings back good memories. It is a time capsule of a certain period.”

“There is something about 1999, that era, and this movie. The Internet was in its infancy. It was the first time that a webcam was on a computer and shown in a movie. It just feels like a time capsule that people look back fondly on.”

“I also think that new audience find that the relationships are relatable. It feels real. High school is awkward. The way that people hang out with each other has changed, but one thing seems to stay the same and that is relatable.”

Since American Pie was one of the greatest summer movies, Biggs admits that it brings his thoughts back to all the fun, activities, and other items associated with the season. From hanging out in the backyard to enjoying a BBQ with family, it is all about having fun and enjoying the movie. Whether or not that favorite movie is screening for all to watch is a personal preference. Just do not forget the Edwards Dessert to enjoy before the day is over.

From having a quiet moment to savor that pie all to yourself or cutting a slice to serve to a special someone, life is too short to skip treat. Everyone wants to look back fondly on that one dessert whose flavor is forever etched into their memory.